Thursday, March 14, 2013

Paul's letter to the American Church?

In ancient Corinth, the problem was getting the Corinthian church to stop going to the pagan temples, temple prostitutes, temple system. Even temple provision (food sacrificed to Idols). Whores were coming into the church (covered heads and all) getting saved, but compromise was everywhere. We have the same thing going on right here right now in our corrupted culture. People are all about "I Love Jesus" and in an hour are in the temple watching corrupted TV, listening to corrupted music, making corrupted money in corrupt ways, and consuming all kinds of corrupted influences from around them not knowing that just saying "I Love Jesus" isn't enough. We must be transformed into HIS IMAGE. IF Paul were writing to the Church in America, it would be much more severe than he ever was on the Corinthians. IF we don't separate ourselves from a corrupting culture we will be and remain corrupt.

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Anonymous said...

Sir amidst the corruption I also see a God of Grace as they had all been taught that they had at least one Gift. That even in their condition many where so full of the Spirit they would speak in tongues and prophesy they even knew to let the prophets speak in order according to how God dealt with them .Yes Paul did deal with some in a harsh manner but what amazes me is the Holy Spirit was able to move through each and they considered it not only normal but it was expected. I enjoyed your article immensely but for the church of America it may be better to say as was said to the Galations who has bewitched you and don't fall into jeramiah 23. to whom much is given much is expected and to him who knows to do good it becomes sin when we walk in the light of what is given God is pleased when we don't He may be apt to take it away as He is Jealous over His Holy Spirit the Blood and His Son the church of Corinth to me represents a merciful God sending an Apostle to set things in order for His Spirit to have liberty. but as far as many churches in America you knew better you just don't seem to care
in the sense can God get a word in in your service I noticed the dream that was a few posts back there where people standing on the shore of the river taking from the river and on top of the river but there was only one where Jesus chose to go he was alone but in the river Spirit Word fellowship Life shalom