Saturday, March 9, 2013

Musings on Hearing God's Voice from the Waves, Wind and Sun (Son)

Sometimes fearing we are not hearing the voice of God is stopping us from hearing the voice of God.  Jesus said, "My Sheep Know MY Voice".   They do.  But satan the father of lies uses fear (as he always does) to convince people they can't possibly hear God speak.  That He wouldn't talk to them.  IF they did hear something, maybe it's satan's voice.

Certainly a person can be confused.  A person can be convinced to wrong things.  When that happens it's not the voice of God.  God will never say ANYTHING ever to you that contridicts anything he placed in His word.  That's the critical thing.  We don't read and study to word to hear what God is saying to us, we read and study the word to learn His voice by running the voices we hear thru the screen of His word.  To have confidence in his voice.  To know how He speaks.  And what He says to us.  When we get to the place where that is deep in us, when the still small voice comes, we will know it at once.

So stop worrying about hearing from God, learn His voice and you will hear.  He is speaking all the time.  He is whispering good things in your ear.  Your spirit man is alive to Him and there is constant spirit to Spirit communication going on.  Once you have tuned your ear, you can go a long way on the word you have hid in your heart,  That was his origional plan.  He never intended you to lug around that big black book.  He intended you to carry it inside and he would activate it for your edification. 

So relax.  Open up your ears. You can hear him.. don't try too hard.


Unknown said...

Wow, wow, wow, this post is so comforting to me. I have been struggling with this VERY thing, wondering if I'm truly hearing from God. This has confirmed a lot and given me some much needed clarity.Thank you Jesus!! Praise Him!!

Steve Martin said...

I pray...and then step out in faith.