Thursday, March 28, 2013

Things God Has Been Speaking To Me Lately By Lonnie Mackley

26 March, 2013

This is just a compilation of some things that I feel God has been sharing with me lately in order to strengthen and encourage you during this time. So no matter how dark of a time you may be going through right now, just know that the same God that sought you out and saved you is the same God that will lead you through the next phase of what He has called you to do here during this revival.

It's Time to Shed Your Cocoon- Your time of transformation has ended so now you need to be willing to let go of the old lifestyle and surroundings that you have been used to. Some of you may be wanting to eagerly run into the new things that God has for you ahead, but others have found security in what was familiar to them during their wilderness. It's time to take your promised land so get ready for a new adventure and be willing to embrace radical and sometimes “scary” change.

Spiritual Tsunami- Many of you have watched all that you have been used to slowly ebb away until there is little left and this is much like the tide that recedes from a beach. But lately there has been a much more radical receding of what you have relied upon and it may appear like the end, but it is only the beginning of something new and much bigger in your life. Much like all of the water recedes from a beach just before a tsunami hits, this is what you have been experiencing. Very soon a wave of God’s Spirit and everything else you need will hit your life full force in a good way, so take hope.

Love Key- During a time of more intense spiritual warfare, in the Spirit I saw a golden key and on it was written, "Love". The Lord showed me that as this great revival and empowerment comes in its fuller form many people will experience much greater levels of spiritual warfare than normal. The Lord wants you to remember that walking in His love is the key to getting through it without major loss. Use these attacks to master warfare, especially in your homes and marriages. "Love never fails".

Knocking on Heaven's Door- I saw a picture in the Spirit of someone knocking on a door and on it was written "Heaven". There are many people who have left the things of the world and they have been seeking God exclusively for a fresh empowerment and just to spend time fellowshipping with Him. The Lord wants you to not give up or get weary because your efforts are not in vain and you are very close to breaking through and seeing that door open. It has been the Lord leading you.

Stick To Your Vision- There is a television station here named "Vision" that I was watching recently and in it's promo it said, "Stick to your vision". I felt the Lord was saying through it that no matter what may come soon that we must stick to our original vision of preaching the gospel of the kingdom and of getting people saved, healed, delivered, and baptized in the Holy Spirit. As God begins to really move in power soon there will be many temptations and distractions, but the Lord wants you to keep His purposes and directions for you in exclusive focus. Avoid rabbit trails, stay on course.

In Between Worlds- Some of you may feel in between worlds right now because God has been rapidly leading you out of the things of this world and towards a complete kingdom life, so you may be feeling somewhat disoriented and lost right now. The Lord wants you to know that soon you will walk in Heaven and Earth at the same time and now is the time to persevere and to keep pressing into His presence. This is a time to push and not to give up, so hang in there because something very special and good is coming for you very soon if you will keep asking, seeking, and knocking.

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