Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Who can KNOW truth... Robert Blackburn

"Who said that you know all of the Truth?" . . How misinformed we can be at times. Nobody, has all of the Truth. But we seemed to think we did. I don't think many of us even realized that the Spirit is Truth. When you think you have "the truth" and no one else does, what you're saying in reality is that you know all there is to know about the Spirit. I often want to ask, just how did we get that way, and tell me why we think God gave us revelation that He had not given to anyone else. I happen to know that there were people who were baptized with the Holy Ghost, years before many of us ever came along but we proclaimed that God gave a special revelation to us that He did not give to them. We dare not say that we deserved it and they didn't. What I do know, is that, the Spirit did not teach us some of those things; men did, and it was only from their own interpretation. This denying the Spirit in other people is not sound teaching; and I believe that many of us will stand to give an account for it one day.

"The Comforter, he shall teach you all things." We know who said that. "The Spirit of Truth will guide you into all truth." We know who said that too. But who was qualified to declare that the Spirit had already taught us everything we needed to know. Ask yourself, how would we ever know everything the Spirit knows; especially if we believe that the Spirit is God. No debate please; we're far past that now. I just learned something five minutes ago, I never saw or heard before. "The anointing teacheth you of all things." The same person said that too. Now, I've always known about following the leading of the Holy Ghost and I know first hand how He can guide you through all kinds of situations and if you follow Him closely, you will see Him accomplish things you never even thought possible. But the idea that the anointing was a teacher! Of course the anointing is a teacher; the true anointing is the Holy Ghost. I've never seen it so clearly that way. That's one reason we know that some of these things people are calling anointed is not; you do not feel the absolute Spirit of the Holy Ghost; you do not feel the real Spirit of Truth. The Master went on to say, "the anointing has taught you." This, is the kind of thing that catches you away into another realm; being taught by the Holy Ghost.

Who said that we had all of the revelation of the Spirit. I am convinced that we would have developed far past what we have if we had clearly understood that, more would be revealed to us as time went along. I was so inspired and humbled today by a dear elder here that has taught us so much; I heard him openly giving praise and thanks for the things the Holy Spirit has taught him in the past few weeks and months. Excuse me! Do you mean that this well seasoned, well studied, well advanced servant of the Lord is still being taught by the Holy Ghost now, and is expressing such joy and unspeakable glory for the revelations the Spirit has continued to give him; in the past few weeks! I thought we already knew it all. No, if I can humble myself some more and say, we didn't know it all. Some of us cannot even read John's Revelation, much less understand what the Spirit was saying to him, and to the church.

It seems obvious to me that the Spirit most definitely didn't teach some men everything they know, because somebody is wrong! The Spirit teaches the Truth; all of it. We forget. What little we know that is right is taught by the Holy Ghost and only through His understanding, not ours. The same gentle elder asked us, "Who taught you what you know?" I'll cut this short. I want the Holy Ghost to teach me what I need to do in the days ahead. I know, with great love and gratitude that He has taught me things in the past; wonderful, marvelous things; there is nothing like it. But I also need a fresh revelation for today, right now. I need Him to lead me and guide me into the truth about where I am today, what my direction is, how I can get closer to Him and what is the truth about my relationship with Him now. I can't live off of what someone told me years ago because, forgive me, some of them told me things that were not true; they told me things that they made up themselves, and I believed them. I shunned people, I cast people aside, without mercy, because I trusted what they told me. And when I studied for myself, when I fasted and prayed, and sought to know what the Spirit actually said about some of those things and I dared to speak up, they destroyed my spirit and they drove me away. Then, I finally knew what the real truth was, and it did not come from them. It came from Him!

I heard that verse about so many of us that needed to be taught all over again. Too many were still on milk, and could not take the meat of the Word, the deeper things of the Spirit. Sadly, the Spirit did not lead and guide us into 'all' truth; why? Because we stopped following. Following others became more important, letting someone else teach us what we needed to know became the easier way. Hear me, with the deepest humility I know; the Spirit fully intended to lead us on into perfection, to guide us into full operation, demonstration and power of the Holy Ghost. The Spirit would have taught us the Gifts, and how to use them; and I mean all of us; not just a chosen, approved few. But, maybe He did teach some of us: Maybe He did continue to lead us and guide us into truths we had never know before. Maybe, even now, the Spirit is even yet opening our eyes to things we never knew, understanding and love we never experienced before. Ask yourself; did the Spirit stop teaching those who were hungry, just because others did not want to know more of the truth? If so, what will we do with what we have been taught. Can we recognize and embrace others that have also been taught and led by the Spirit; seeing in them, what the Spirit sees; loving them the way we were not. How much have we truly learned, and are we ready to finally use what the Spirit has taught us.

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