Friday, March 8, 2013

Give yourself away

The Lord told me something I already knew..but NOW I'll tell you. Righteous are never forsaken. Righteousness is the test. God says, Test me in this if I will not....POUR OUT.

We thought this was about giving. What if I told you that if you NEVER EVER put another dime in the offering plate for the rest of your life you can enter into the flow of God's provision because of your righteousness. Here's the rub. God's requirement in righteousness is generosity. Generosity of spirit. Generosity of time. Generosity of service. Generosity of yes, money, but that's the easy one.

Anyone can give money, you can give money and NOT be generous. Happens every Sunday morning in churches all across America. IF you would enter into the fullness of God's provision and protection in this life, give YOURSELF away. You will discover that you are the only pathway God has on this earth to provide for what his purposes are towards man. Jesus paid the price for your to become his hands and feet here and now. Your righteousness is not about sinlessness.. that's paid for at the cross, your righteousness is about the overflow of generosity out of your being...and mostly other than money.

I am NOT against putting money in the bucket as it goes by. I do it twice or three times a week. I do it with Joy. I just find so many other ways to be generous, and sometimes I even use money. So if you are a senior leader and you think I am against giving in the church, no I am not. I am against people think they can bribe God into provision by giving in Church. It's a principle, not a law. Test God, try to out give HIM in generosity of Spirit towards others, and see how the windows open for you. Give yourself away

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