Friday, March 15, 2013

From Shirley Carter

There's something powerful about people seriously receiving the word & revelation of God from His prophets, on the other hand it is quite frustrating and disheartening when it is not. What God shows you is more real than anything else. And when you "see" the consequences of not taking heed, the shepherding heart of His vessels and warrior soldier who cannot stand to see the enemy gain ground he should not, it is grievous.

Recently a well-known prophet shared that when they visited a Church, they saw a warring angel at the top of the building. They went to to converse with the angel who explained the spiritual war at the top of the building causing destruction and what needed to be done. So the prophet called to return and obey the instructions of the angel, upon which the church said their schedule would not permit it.

Soon after, the church lost everything and shut down. God had released Heavenly strategic plans that required cooperation. The prophet was frustrated because they had clear/precise insight on what to do, yet the people would not allow the Spirit of The Lord to interrupt their agenda. In this Hour, we need all Heavenly resources at our disposal and ability to move in Heaven's timing. Shalom!

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Anonymous said...

if you would like I would like to submit a testimony Ed Dufrense asked Kenneth Hagin on his deathbed if he would warn the nations leading men about being out of balance with the prosperity gospel again if he had the chance. To wich he replied no, not one listned. His definition of rich was having an abundance to meet every need (this did not exclude you from biblical things)trials tribulations ect. Ed Dufrense asked why is it that MANY of the churches I go to are ran by someone with an administration gift and not a pastor. Kenneth Hagin laughed and replied aw that's easy 50% of the churches I have ever ministered in all my years the administrator gift was running the church. I am still in training if you where to follow these twos testimony about the prophets ministry you would see the same thing and art katz to. That being said a prophet from Australia wants told me I can see your in the wilderness this training is invaluable to the prophet for the future ministry. She summed up the prophet as Gods change agent leaving one option to those to which they where sent move towards God or away. We see this demonstrated in the rebellion of korah(perhaps an antitype of how God intends his governmental offices to be ran) Judgement or blessing may follow the prophet.I feel the lord told me the last several years where training. I tell you what you've spoken may happen or worse as the pastor is called to tend a division of Gods army. That being said even though I have had ministers tell me (shake the dust off your feet) I spent almost a year in interscession over one that God had sent me to and there where other occasions I should have shook the dust off so to speak but I strive not to do that unless the Lord says. Assuming fifty percent are actually pastors they will deal with the dangers listed in the bible some may fall or rebel be led astray ect, but I read an article in which I took great comfort go and remember there is a remnant somewhere encourage for those who won't listen I hope they repent but if they don't it is God sent them prophets night and day. Remember many of the most famous of all offices will teach an ear tickling message constantly and not promote growth in doctrine and a balanced understanding. be blessed shalom