Thursday, March 14, 2013

Papal Thought from a Friend

I actually like that to have 77 votes it cannot be decided by men alone. his name means freedom and was elected on the month of Nissan and on the 13th days in 2013 on the 3rd month n only God can pick such a person in divine timing. 76 years 7+6=13. After 13 years from 1st son Abraham had Isaac. After 13th shouts the wall of Jericho came down. A pope from Argentina also means freedom and revival is coming.

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Anonymous said...

as a young Lester summral hugged Smith Wigglesworth good bye He saw two moves of God that have since come to pass and spoke of a third.
it would be years later his traveling companion prophet Stanley frodsham 1965 spoke of the increasing danger until the end.Things became so intense lester sumral was sent back to America in 1988 this can be seen on U-tube but in the end. The battles he faced and his knowledge of the capability and structure of the enemies kingdom evidently didn't fit American Christianity and so in 1990 it would seem john bavere was told go back to America. It's just an opinion but when conversion exceeded the place of discipleship according to biblical standards well I bet a 1$ on tommy hicks end time vision being the end result
of the gentile church