Tuesday, February 15, 2011

After the Collapse: Taking The Media Mountain

This is number three of seven in a series to prepare the Body of Christ to take the mountains after the collapse. Many of thought that we would somehow take them without pain. That's never been how radical change takes place and this will be radical. It always comes when the mountain fails. It will fail...collapse. All of them, and that will create an open door if the Body of Christ is prepared to move in when it does....all vacuums are filled. With what is the question.

I have already given the word on what to do after the collapse in Education, In Government and a general word what to watch for when it all comes down.

I do not do this lightly, and I do it by hearing from God in these areas. I ask for vision and a seer's anointing in these things. You may disagree. You may think this is just Gene's ideas. That is your prerogative. I know that what I have as human understanding must inform the words that God gives me to say. So I speak by the Spirit and by Understanding.

When the collapse comes media will go further thru changes than it has already. We have already seen the destruction of media in many cases. Newspapers bankrupt. Newsweek and Time like an 8 page brochure. Print books being abandoned for electronic publication (Kindle for example). The Internet, Radio and TV have replaced print.

When the collapse comes there will be a narrowing and a broadening at the same time. It will cause many news and information structures to close. There will be no money. People will not do the hard work of news gathering in traditional sense without financial support. There will be a few survivors but they will be very sparse. The Media will contract and in some cases collapse. Getting sound information will become a task. There will be many who will try to fill that gap. Over the air television will become much smaller in offerings. The economics to continue won't be there. Expect fewer channels on cable or Satellite. Even that mode will be nonexistent in many areas. Broadcast will continue but it will be less. Many stations will go dark.

Radio will prosper, but not as much as now. The hunger for news will migrate to that medium. Again many entertainment outlets will go off the air. What will remain will be fewer but stronger dominant outlets and hundreds of low power transmitters, legal or otherwise to provide a hungry underground information. The middle will fall away.

The Internet that has provided so much information and transparency will be less able to do so. The economics and political will to keep the Internet going will wane. It will not be seen as helpful. Control will be attempted after the collapse. It will be intermittent. It will be unreliable. You may have to go to a central location to use it. And it will become expensive relatively speaking. You won't be able to afford everything you had in this new day.

Cell Phones and the related services on them will continue but be intermittent in service. Economics after the crash will drive the service offered. If there is economic purpose, there will be continual service. Some companies will not make it. Consolidations will occur but with less reliable service. Land line services will continue but begin to break down as telephone services move away from wired connections into unwired. Yet, the land lines left will allow for connections when the collapse comes.

This disconnected fragmented media environment will leave the population vulnerable to lies, rumors and disinformation generated by government to keep people off guard. Hunger for truth and hope will begin to be felt by a propagandized population. They will begin to understand that what they are being told is colored to an agenda. The state that survives will generate a news feed, but it will be suspect and disregard by many. Consider the rise of the BBC after World War II and the discredit it continues to gather. That discredit is by the Moving of the Spirit of GOD.

NOW is the time for the Body of Christ to arise. There will be bold moves to be made in proclaiming truth and hope for a depauperate world. They will want to know what to do. Who to believe. What to hang on to. The dark television stations will be ready to be acquired, the closed down radio outlets will have a ready seller to someone ready to buy. There will be wealthy who will keep control of a few powerful outlets. They will not be able to be displaced even after the collapse. BUT, these will not be ready to acquire and enlarge in that environment. They will try to solidify and develop a profitable model once again.

After the collapse there will be a few newspapers, but not like you once knew them. They will be regional small publications on subscription only. Advertising will be hard to find for these smaller publications. Many national newspapers will go to a more occasional publication. A daily news publication will become every other day or weekly. And delivery will change, the collapse will cause government to deliver mail only on an intermittent basis. That unreliability and delay will cause print to suffer even more.

Christians if they are ready to move when the time comes will own more radio and television outlets. They will be able to provide content for empty cable and satellite offerings. They will have new publications and even new books giving truth and hope to a hungry world. They will publish new websites, new blogs, new news sources. Every Christian in every part of the world observing what is happening in truth will become a contributor to this stream of news. The enemy will have his as well. Nothing happens in a vacuum. Even then as now it will become a contest for the hearts and minds of men of "Who are you gonna believe". IF we are prepared to take our place we will have a platform in the public square to form popular opinion and therefore policy even as has been the case in the past with other less christian friendly voices.

There is wealth and a desire for influence that will attempt to enter this arena when the collapse comes. Money held by Muslims, Chinese, Russians and others who will use this to attempt to influence the USA by owning media. It will not succeed. The cultural disconnect is too much. American are conservative and traditional at their core and after the collapse will be hungry to embrace it. Just don't be surprised when others try to buy influence.

This can be the greatest time for Christians. I see whole radio networks, new television networks on the air and on cable, substantial outlets of news on the Internet, new books, new publications, even newspapers; not with an overtly christian message with sharathons and all that foolishness we have endured, but righteous joy and peace declared on the airwaves that attracts even the ungodly to hear truth and hope.

This cannot happen until the collapse comes. The media in large part is corrupt today. It cannot stand. We must see this to take this mountain.

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