Wednesday, February 9, 2011

For if you do not delight in seeking My face, feasting upon My word for strength and guidance, putting My will first in all things, then..............

Word submitted for your discernment
by Yolanda Ballard (


Lacking true dependence upon the One true God opens yourself up to a spirit of independence, in folly and pride showing a lack of true wisdom in knowing the way you should go. For if you spend all your time in trying to figure out how you should spend your time, spend your money, occupy yourself, and every other aspect of living, then you are showing that your worship lies not in worshiping the One true God, but in self, showing that you have not made a total commitment in serving God.

You cannot have one foot in the Kingdom of God and the other in the kingdom of darkness. For many are deceived in thinking that you can plan out your own days. For when you are not putting My kingdom first, then you are promoting the kingdom of darkness, and you will not prosper, you will not walk in good health, and your soul will not prosper. For if you do not delight in seeking My face, feasting upon My word for strength and guidance, putting My will first in all things, then you are truly living a lie, and My spirit is not in you.

Yes, this is a rough word, but you must realize that you cannot fool around with the enemy, for he knows when he has legal rights to your life, and you cannot fool him saying that you are one of Mine, and at the same time living for self. For, My people, I am giving you a strong warning. Many will be lost thinking that they are saved when all they had was just a pure religious experience.

You can tell them by their fruit, and that is not to say to judge others by their outward actions, but to judge yourself in what you delight spending all your time doing. Do you delight in seeking out the ways that please Me by putting My kingdom first in everything that you do? Make sure you walk circumspectly for the days can be evil, and trying upon every aspect of your character. Don't allow your conscience to become calloused. Try the spirit to make sure it is of Me in your motives, and attitudes, and action.

Seek My face, and I will be found. Seek My wisdom, and you will walk in My ways. Be safe by covering your mind and your heart with the power of My blood. Cry out for repentance, for My burden for the lost. Pray blessings upon My people, and that they would have great grace in following Me, and walking in My ways. Bless your neighbor, as you love yourself. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

Stay faithful to My word, and I will be faithful to you. Walk in My strength, and My peace, and most of all, My righteousness. Be safe, My people, stay safe!

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