Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Prophetic in the Movie...The Social Network

We rented The Social Network. The story of Mark Zuckerburg, the youngest self made billionaire in the world. The Story of the creating of Facebook.

I use Facebook. Think it's a marvelous way to connect with people. I have made friends and acquaintances impossible without it.

It is a wonderful tool to encourage and uplift one another. I know it has been the source of adultery, marriage breakups and fornication. So was the US mail and Telephone. This is just faster and better at it.

Anything can be used for evil or good, even if in itself it is not evil nor good.

As I watched the movie I was impressed of the Lord that this came to be in a way that should be instructive of those who call themselves Christian. Here are a few thoughts:
  • The idea for what became Facebook germinated out of a perceived need. Need driven. That's the key to any powerful creative business idea. Find a need and fill it.
  • Many people had the idea, but only a few were equipped to do it. Zuckerburg was equipped.
  • He hung out with those who were smarter than he was. His first partner knew an algorithm Zuckerburg didn't.
  • Once he was on the trail, he didn't allow diversions to derail him.
  • He was not always honorable in his dealings and it cost him greatly at the end.
  • The enemy tried again and again to entrap and derail him. He lost much in his diversions from the vision he carried in him.
  • The Napster founder helped him move ahead, but carried with him an evil negative influence. Watch who you connect with.
  • Loyalty was in his heart but advisers, lawyers, bankers and others around him caused him ruin.
  • It will be interesting to see how long he will KEEP the money he has earned. Il-gotten gain usually doesn't last. If you swim with sharks you will be bit.

Here are some truths we need to draw from this for the Body of Christ:
  • There are enormous witty inventions yet to be created. Those who can execute them, those who are ready when the time is right will reap a huge harvest of wealth.
  • Facebook could have been created by a Christian as easily as Zuckerburg did. Why wasn't it? Even Google which 12 years ago was an unknown start up could have become a huge source of support for the Kingdom of God if someone who names the Name of Jesus had decided to move ahead. I'm convinced that there was a Christian who did. And in both stories it wasn't about finding great amounts of money to start up. BOTH self financed.
  • There will be tremendous opportunities in the next few years as our economy goes thru changes yet unknown. The world will tell you there is no hope. You are too late. Your idea won't work. Someone else can do it better. If you will not listen to them and move in boldness toward your idea, you will succeed if you don't quit or become diverted.

I know that for the great harvest of souls to be financed we are going to need to see many among us who will capture a vision for greatness and move ahead with Holy boldness toward success that will create billions and billions of dollars of wealth. Are we prepared? Do we know how to recognize opportunity? I'm not convinced we are.

Oh sure, there are a few, Green of Hobby Lobby. Chik-a -Fil founder and some others, but we need hundreds --- thousands more men and women of substance and determination to emerge from the Christian ranks to help facilitate the next great move of God.

There is a world to take for the kingdom. It will be done partially in Churches, but it will be accomplished much more in the marketplace. It's time for Christian Kings to Arise in dominion of the Business Mountain. The devil does it too well at present. We are confused about our mission and so we don't accomplish it.

Too long we hoped we MIGHT get a Mark Zuckerburg saved and therefore tap into the great wealth he has laid up. I live in a community of incredibly wealthy people. Some of the Forbes Richest 400 live within a few miles of my house. The church is ineffective in reaching those people, even when they make themselves available. Stevie Wonder used to live a few miles from me. Came to our church a couple times. Was hurting. We never connected.

Bryan Wilson of Beach Boys fame used to live near us. Same thing.

We are NOT effective in evangelizing the rich because our goal is really the conversion of their pocketbook. We are intimidated by their wealth. Controlled by their influence. Compromising to reach them. Yet, they hurt too. I know many of these very wealthy and they suffer like the poorest among us do. They have marriage problems. They have difficulties with children. They have health problems. They are trapped in addictions. They are depressed. They suffer loss that money won't solve.

My prophetic admonition is this: Pastor, Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Teacher, have people in your circle, some even in your congregations, who carry greatness in them. Greatness that could translate into facility to expand the kingdom of God in your area. You can help discover them. Encourage them. Help them avoid the Mark Zuckerburg traps seen in the film. You can become a partner in their life that will open doors you can never open otherwise.

I know this, I have been that man. I was one of the very wealthy. I had such a man in my life. My tithe at that time would finance in full many of the congregations I am familiar with in the city. Most leaders wouldn't know what to do with me. They would either shun me for fear of offending and losing the tithe or give me undue influence that would ruin me and give me a false impression on how things should work. Pastor Dan was wise. He knew what to do.

It's time for this generation to break out of mediocrity. There are thousands of witty inventions laying dormant at the door. God is downloading business concepts and innovation every day. They will all come to fruition. The question is, who will do it? A Mark Zuckerburg or someone who knows Jesus like you do. THEY ARE NOT MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE. I Know.

Release them. They are everywhere you look.

AND that is the Word of the LORD

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