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Kim Clement: The Year of Exploits

Kim Clement

I See the "Grapes" Not the "Giants"

Dear Warriors,

The Beatitudes have influenced me in a huge way, being the stepping-stone to the Sermon on the Mount. Love your kinsmen, that's easy, but He said, "Love your enemies." Now we're talking! It's literally impossible without a special grace. Forgiving your enemies is difficult enough. But the idea of our enemies being stepping-stones to our destiny, and forgiveness being the action that moves us there, became apparent to me as I considered that these enemies were becoming my bedfellows. So, do we see the dynamic in the demonic?

After 33 years of consecrated service to the Jehovah of ages, the Everlasting Elohim, I can "see" the dynamic, not the demonic. It's not easy, you know. I see the grapes, not the giants now, the spoil not the toil. Our enemy wants us to remain "song-less" because of the affliction placed upon us, but the fact is that my most beautiful songs are born out of pain, seeing that our Creator gives us songs in the night, our lips are being tuned to the melody of Heaven.

Every arrow of guilt, which satan might shoot at us, is broken, for who can lay anything to the charge of God's elect? Vain are the sharp swords of internal infernal malice and the perpetual battles of the serpent seed. Does it not say that in the midst of the Church the lame take the prey and the feeblest warriors are crowned? Failure is critical to success. Absence of war = absence of heroes.

I'm just sharing my heart with you today. I can only share what I've experienced and learned on this prophetic journey. At 11 years of age, I wanted to be wealthy and to have a fortune. I would've killed for it, but now that I am old(er), and having tasted its dastardliness, I hide from its judges. I've not entered the race; in fact, I run from it. Everyone desires fortune, and at times it is assisted, but fame is earned. Have you observed how fame, in the wrong hands, always goes to extremes? Horrible monsters or brilliant prodigies.

I can only imagine your journey. Each one is different. Hopefully when I share my own "pain to gain to reign" stories, you are strengthened on your journey. The popular saying goes, "What you SEE you BE." Jacob had a problem when he started his journey. His brother hated him and wanted him dead. Jacob had to leave his home in a hurry and stopped in a desert place to rest. He had no pillow so he used a stone to rest his head. Have you ever been in that place? Of course you have – in different circumstances.

During the night, God gives him a dream and declares what is INSIDE of Jacob. ISRAEL is inside of Jacob. Israel is Prince with God. God had to draw the Israel out of Jacob, so He began with a revelation. Jacob woke up, and everything changed from that point onward: his perception, his attitude and then finally his words. Jacob began to prophesy to his pain. He called that same place of pain by its rightful name – Bethel. "This is none other than the HOUSE OF GOD!" You must remember, the very place that he had laid his head to rest was the land that God had promised him.

We learned a lot about Israel's beginning. Just recently I was meditating on Jacob's story. God protected Jacob because Jacob had Israel (God's chosen) inside of him. God was protecting His future – His destiny. God protects you when you carry destiny and you allow Him to guide you on the journey. He found Jacob in a desert land, and in the howling waste of the wilderness; He encircled him, He cared for him, and He kept him as the apple of His eye.

As I shared on New Year's Eve 2010, we have the capability as the people of God, to do EXPLOITS in His name. I proceeded to share some of God's greatest exploits through Jesus. We seem to focus on supernatural manifestations as great exploits, but do we ever really think about the exploits that do not require supernatural intervention, but simple courage, sacrifice and intestinal fortitude?

The Human Exploits of Jesus Christ

These are the human exploits of Jesus Christ:

1. He humbled Himself unto death
2. He was obedient unto death
3. He dined with sinners – said no to sin, but yes to sinners
4. He rejected a rich young ruler
5. He publicly withstood the Pharisees and Sadducees
6. He broke religious man-made laws
7. He stood alongside the woman caught in adultery and withstood the hypocrisy of the men
8. He touched a leper

(No longer would God teach the leper his leprosy by setting him at a distance, but He Himself suffered the penalty of the leper's defilement. Jesus touched the leper. This unclean person had broken through the regulations of the ceremonial law and pressed into the house. But Jesus, instead of judging the leper, broke through the law Himself in order to meet Him. He made an interchange with the leper because while He cleansed him, Jesus contracted a Levitical defilement through that touch. He took the sickness upon His Body.)

9. He loved children and let them near Him
10. He was sensitive to the needs of poor and rich alike

The woman with the issue of blood did something with fear of being judged and condemned. She drew near and touched His robe. Jesus immediately replied, "Somebody touched Me."

What is the one thing that stops people from doing an exploit? Fear of failure and fear of conflict or war. Failure is critical to success! As I said before, absence of war = absence of heroes. Determine to do something courageous every day. Your sacrifice will catch the attention of Heaven and Earth. Once you see the dynamic, and not the demonic, you will find your journey far more enjoyable. See the spoil and ignore the toil.

Kim Clement
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