Monday, February 28, 2011

What Happens if you are WRONG about the END TIMES??

I have many many good friends in the body of Christ with all kinds of opinions about the end of the age, the end times, the rapture, Left Behind, the anti christ, tribulation, millennial, A-Millennial, Matthew 24, 72AD and and and goes on forever.

This morning as I wandered thru lots of reading, paged by a couple TV programs (Hagee) proclaiming the "Truth" it hit me.

What if, just what if, we are all wrong about the end times? That those who are living in such absolute certitude about these things are just in error. What difference does it make, if any?

How should we live if everything we believe is wrong? I let you insert your particular brand of end times theology here. What if that is absolutely incorrect? Or half right.

Does it, should it, must it, make any difference to your life, your family, your work, your ministry, your involvement, your trust in Jesus.

IF the answer is, YES, my end times theology has great influence on how I live my life today, then the question that must be asked is, WHY?

If we are to live is Christ and to die is Gain, then what's the point. There's nothing your worrying about end times will make a whit of difference at all.

  • We are supposed to win souls, even if the end isn't for trillions of years.
  • We are supposed to cooperate with God to establish the Kingdom
  • We are supposed to love one another
  • We are supposed to Love God with all our hearts minds and souls and our neighbor as ourselves.
  • We are supposed to live each day as if it's our last, redeeming the time for the days are evil
  • We are supposed to carry out the good works for which we were created
  • We are supposed to be Holy as HE is Holy
  • We are supposed to Gather together
  • We are supposed to be Salt and Light in a tasteless and dark place
  • We are supposed to be strong and courageous. Fearing not. Bold as a lion.

What part of any end time theology is supported over any other in this partial list of who we are to be in Christ? NOW, to be fair, some end time theologies have fear at their heart. People living in their basements fearing the end, waiting for the rapture, taking bets on when it's going to be like some eschatological horse race.

Why don't we just set about doing what Father placed us here to do, be aggressive in that and from that become who we were purposed to be here on earth?

Any theology of the end times that inhibits who you were created to be is false.

To be fair, there are great comforts, blessed hopes, wonderful thoughts in much of what people believe. Would I love to ride my white horse along side Jesus descending from the clouds. SURE. Would I love to be taken out when the hard times come, you bet. Would I like to avoid tribulation? Sure. Would being raptured out just as the next credit card collector calls be a good play? YEP. BUT!!!

IF those things do or do not happen, what does that have to do with how I live my life today?

Jesus says, Matthew 6:33 " seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. 34 Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

Why does so much of what is taught in today's end time arguments seem to go against what Jesus said. Don't worry about tomorrow. Live today. That is the word of the Lord.

Whatever happens in the end, you were probably wrong about most of it, that goes for Every Single end time theory. Too much energy is wasted on these foolish speculations.


Anonymous said...

Why don't we just live today as if today were our last day? It just might be.

Gene said...

What's really interesting is how people think I oppose the theology they have about these things by my attitude towards them. I don't. I just think we have a mess in the church by spending so much time on them.

I want my white horse, but if I don't get it, I'll be in heaven with Jesus and that will be enough.

Gene said...

I had one guy beg me not to debate him. He really wants too stay deluded, whatever that is. I had no intention of debating, I just asked the hard question. WHAT IF??

I guess when you are on shaky ground anyone who rattles the foundation is an enemy.

Anonymous said...

I too have asked myself and others (who will listen) the SAME question 'what if you are wrong; then what?'

The scary thing is many of these folks actually seem to be addicted to it all: analyzing, believing the hype, preparing for the worst, and reporting on the 'signs'. It's beyond an obsession for many, it really is kind of an addictive behavior type of thing.

Perhaps we need to treat this type of thing like any other addiction and realize what is fueling it, and have patience with the victims, and then we might figure out how to bring back some of the deluded? Hmm. Just a thought.

I don't mean to be argumentative, or disrespectful, but in the past it seems to me you have 'gone there' too with warning people to prepare for the end, or pointing out signs of the end, and many of the blogs you link to, or articles you link to, do this as well. Does this mean you have had a change of heart and won't be writing, or linking, as much about various signs of the end times?

Anonymous said...

sad but true. ill just be grateful and thankful to make it Home

Anonymous said...

Good post Prophet Gene. I feel the same way about this. Eschatology is the last item I am trying to be an expert on because the main focus is Christ and his radiance and witness through us. If we keep our eye on the mark and have in mind to continue to grow in him, then the rest should not have as much weight.

Gene said...

I owe you all an explanation about how I view End Times and how I from time to time link to an article. I believe that Prophetic Writing is multidimensional. That when you read something that is clearly prophetic it speaks of a time WHEN it would happen. THEN. It also is a type of what will happen NOW. AND it is how things will happen in the future. So when I read of things an anti Christ will do, he did, he is, and he will.

I HAVE often published things right from the word. Recently Isaiah 19. Everything in the word was is and will be true.

AND, as I mentioned, no one knows for sure. BUT no one should be unaware.

Gene said...

I decided to do a review of every one of the posts I have made since Sept of 2008 when I opened this blog. 1007 posts. There is a review feature, edit, if you have a blog, you know what they are.

I looked for instances where I posted something that was distinctly end times predictive or signs of the end. There are a few I just linked to without much comment.

For the most part I linked them as curiosities. I'm saying that it's MUCH less than I thought.

Doesn't make me innocent of doing so but its maybe a half dozen.

I think there are things people read who think they are harbingers of the end. They aren't or weren't. Some might try to interpret them as such. Interesting thought and review.

Anonymous said...

Gene, thanks for clarifying all that, it helps!

I'm 'with you' on reading prophecy, makes sense. I struggle with finding balance between knowing what's out there, and my own curiosity in such things, and then getting sucked into some of the theories and what not.

Seeing as how I am now 'seeing' many of the current behaviors of those who are 'really', 'really', into End Times watching as an outright addiction, does this also mean that my own curiosity in these things, and my own desire to 'know what's out there' might be further enabling these folks to spend all day reading news clips and decoding Bible prophecies?

Again, I'm not meaning to trap you here, or be argumentative. I am struggling with similar thoughts and issues and evaluating how I manage my own time too, and think this is something that we NEED to discuss more; without throwing people under the bus, especially if they are deluded or addicted. We need to muster up compassion, in my thought, and so that also might mean that we have to be careful not to inadvertantly enable or give such folks reasons to justify the behaviors. Some outright rebuking, calling it like it truly 'is' (as you did here), and a refusal to 'go along' with it, or 'humor' it in any way might even be in order at times too, or am I off base in that?

Anything you think I'm missing here, please do point it out, thanks!

Fallout said...

“What Happens if you are WRONG about the END TIMES??

Jesus clearly says to be in the field working when he returns. If we follow His Word then it should not have any effect on us. But, so many who believe in a pre-trib rapture aren't looking to see what they should be doing for the Lord, but are looking for an escape. I am really bothered by the ones on TV who promote the “rapture” to escape the get saved now to avoid the horrible trouble ahead.
When it comes to “truth” being taught, I appreciate the ministers/pastors who will at least admit that there are other points of view on the more controversial scriptures. Why do they hide other viewpoints? Telling me that the the Bible teaches the Anti-Christ will head up a 10-nation, Revised Roman Empire which is the EU that will be transformed into that empire without stating that they could be wrong is just wrong. Telling me that the USA is the Bible's Babylon without expressing there are other viewpoints is wrong. It's no wonder so many Christians are confused when one sees a pastor on TV showing a drawing of the A-C as a dark ugly shadowy figure. So we are to believe that this ugly dude is going to deceive the whole world and have them follow him? Isn't this just another example of, “You need to get saved now so this beast won't make your life miserable?” It is my opinion that many make the pre-trib rapture doctrine a golden calf...or a golden goose that lays golden eggs.

Mat 24:13 But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.

Anonymous said...

I am convinced that we have to go through the "tribulation", because the bible tells me so. But the body of Christ is not ready. The Lord is weeping for His children, He knows who will make it and who not. He calls us to seek His face as never before, because there is no delay anymore(Rev 10,6+7), the white horse (Rev 6,2)is coming. Prepare to meet your GOD!