Friday, February 11, 2011

Prophesying to the Air

It seems like there is a clamor in the Prophetic to find an audience. To beg a platform. To press a position on paper, in print, or in the modern publication media... Electronic Prophets on the Internet.

I know. I have done some of this. I have recognized it in others.

It's become a disease. IF I don't have an audience, I can't prophesy. That is the disease.

Where is the authority? Where is the confidence in God to open whatever doors need to be opened? Where does the prophet prophesy when all ears are seemingly shut?

The powers of the principalities of the air need to hear the declaration of the victory of Our GOD. They need to be reminded of their defeat. They need to be brought into line. Justice must reign.

Words spoken in secret carry power. Prayer. Declarations. Confessions. Boldness in the Spirit. Daniel was one such. Without an audience, he prayed. It WAS heard. The enemy sent spies to defeat what should have been a private conversation.

SO, if the Lord gives you a word, the first place to declare the word is not on your next blog post, try to get time on the platform, post on Facebook, or some Forum, Podcast, Fan Page, Website or Pulpit.

Speak the word into the air. Prophesy to the dry bones. They couldn't hear a word Ezekiel said. But they responded.

There are situations in your life that need to be prophesied to. No one need hear it.

NOW, it is good that others hear the word of the Lord from your lips, particularly as it relates to them and their future. So, pursue with all diligence to deliver what the Lord has given you.

Just remember who was the GIVER and how much he charged you for the GIFT you carry. Charge others exactly that amount for delivering what you have received. Any more is usury.

When we get our minds off ourselves, when we decide that the Word of the Lord is more important than WE are, we will have freedom.

Everybody quotes
Proverbs 18:16 A man's gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men.
They quote that as licence to insist on the microphone for themselves. The problem is, if you study that verse in context, in several translations you will soon discover that it has nothing whatever to do with a spiritual gift of Prophecy or anything else. It has to do with finding favor in a difficult situation. You look it up.

Prophesy to the air faithfully, in little and when you do God will bring you much. He looks for faithfulness more than fame in his prophets.

Prophets Prophesy!


Mercedes said...

"SO, if the Lord gives you a word, the first place to declare the word is not on your next blog post"

So convicted!

Thank you for this message.

prophecyfire/ D. gansmann said...

well he told ezekiel to prophesy to dead bones prophesy to the wind sounds good to me...i like this post..spoke to me..being i quite in nature and unpopular at times,,does God use quite type bet ya...i meet one guy one here..he lacks any confidence to speak out very much but lo when he does.its dynamic,,i try to build him up when i can he always thanks me...the quite prophets lay in wait like a warm wind..when they do speak you will feel it...i feel it you will say