Saturday, February 26, 2011

Big Issues - Bigger God - Word of the Lord

I am lambasted constantly by fears generated by media, Christians, conspiracy theorists, faux scientists, talking heads on radio and TV, so called experts and worst of all politicians. The don't ever let a crisis go to waste crowd.

The problem is the problems. They all seem to be real. All seem to have importance. Any apologist for them can and will be able to make them seem to be the biggest problem of our hour. Just wander around the radio dial for a while and you will soon be able to find a thousand opinions. Progressive talk, Conservative Talk, Erudite talk, NPR talk, Ethnic Talk, Christian Talk and late night talk. They all have agendas. IF you listen very long you can become convinced there is NO HOPE. They are all talking up their particular brand of hopelessness. It sells. People listen.

The Economy, The Government, Radical Islam, Global Warming, Nibaru, Dirty Bombs, Food Shortages, Oil Shortage, and EMP storm shutting off all power for months, Collapsing Markets, depression, Racial problems, Riots, Wars, Rumors of Wars.

The list is much much much longer than this.

When in a "conversation" earlier today I was thinking about all this, I was faced with ranking what is larger. Which are most important. Which are critical. The reality is they are all in one form or another critical. Equal in importance in one or the other realm.

I asked the Lord in the middle of all this, What is important, what SHOULD we be paying attention to? I heard him say in the back of my head,
"I am the God, bigger than all your problems or any weapon formed. I am the God who created all the universe and laugh at those who scoff at MY power. The issues you see that look so BIG to you are but a vapor in time. I was, I am and I ever will be. If you hold to ME, all these problems do or do not manifest themselves in your life will pale in significance to the Revelation of ME I will Give You. I expect you to stand for righteousness more than you stand against evil all around. Do not be deceived I am NEVER mocked. I have placed you in exactly this time and in this place to be MY hands, Heart and Ears to the world. Speak truth. Sanction nothing unholy. Be watchful. Use my Word as your guide and plumb line. I am the WAY the TRUTH and the LIGHT as I shine thru YOU. No one will by any means harm you. Do not fear the one who can destroy your body, fear instead he who would destroy your eternal soul. The enemies you see before you will all be defeated. Those things that are NOT of me will be destroyed in fire. You live in Time, I live in eternity. You will live in eternity and will see this all with perfect knowledge then. Stand therefore. You are my presence on the earth as my Spirit lives and manifests thru your life. Say what I say. Do what you see me do. Be what I have called you to and in that last day I will say not only, Well done good and faithful, but this is my beloved in whom I am well pleased".

Word of the Lord.

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Margaret said...

Amen. Beautiful word of the Lord!