Wednesday, February 16, 2011

IS this a visit and a message from an Angel?

I was referred to this website and found it worthy of reposting. I usually don't post in full like this, hope it's going to be OK, but I found this compelling.

From this blog:

Scott, Micah and the happy dog



A man’s little dog helps him find Jesus, and receive an important message.


I have had so many requests to post this story on the site, I am doing so now. This message was originally in an email update that went out to website visitors.

Special note: please pray about this, and do what God leads you to do:

A man, named Scott, contacted me on my website, needing confirmation about an experience he had. He admitted he had led a secular life, not religious, up until recently.

He has a dog named Hutch that barks and hates everyone, he said. Scott was walking his dog, and a stranger approached him. Hutch actually liked the stranger, which was a shock.

The stranger greeted Scott and his dog and Hutch wagged his tail, and wanted to stay with the stranger. This amazed Scott.

The stranger then asked Scott if he knew it was already 2 minutes to midnight. Scott did not understand.

So the stranger then asked if he could pray for Scott. Scott agreed, even though he was not used to prayer. Once the man touched his shoulder, Scott felt a huge wave of heat and emotion, and cried, repented and felt he had been touched by God.

The man only prayed for a moment, but Scott said it felt like the stranger had downloaded about 5 hours of information into him. Almost like a microchip was inserted into his brain.

The stranger then left, the dog didn’t want him to go, but finally they parted. Scott was overwhelmed, not totally understanding what he had just gone through. So I talked with him for awhile.

From his description, the stranger may have been an angel of some sort, The stranger’s name was Micah. Scott was then told he must tell other people the message he was given.

Some events he cannot disclose at this time, but this is the message for now.:

Store food and water for a 90 day supply. There will be some kind of problem.

But do not be afraid, and trust in Jesus

Seek God in your life.

The Lord is on His way. He is coming back.

Scott also discussed with me his impressions from his encounter, and prayer:

Prepare for riots, shortages, attacks, a failed country, and distress. Take measures to be safe during this 90 period. Stay home. Try not to travel.

Also, at some point in the future, there will be 3 days of darkness. No power. Stay home during that time.

I do not know if the 3 days is part of the 90 days or not.

Scott said he was commanded to tell the believers and churches. So I am passing this information along to you.

This encounter with Micah and the dog occurred about October of 2010.

Marianne’s note:

As an unbeliever, who never went to church, and does not understand why this happened to him, and then made a sudden intense conversion to Christ, and now prays 2 hours a day, it seems like a credible experience. So I pass this along to you.

I love all you guys…and want you to be aware of this message, and be safe.

Scott also said the hand of God would split the country in half- physically. This makes me think as we part the land of Israel, to create a Palestinian state, further removing more territory from Israel, that God will part our land also. I do not know the time frame of this event, or if it would occur this year or in a future year.

I have checked some secular media sources, and they seem to confirm that we are in for some troubled times ahead.

I will make this information a separate post. It deals with a war with Iran, collapse of the dollar, food shortages, FEMA plans for an earthquake exercise, and Obama ordering troops to prepare for riots in the Spring due to food shortages.


Seek the Lord while He still may be found.

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prophecyfire/ D. gansmann said...

oh! this is so important bout the little dog and the message of the 3 days of darkness...there is actually a prophecy circulating about the 3 days of darkness,,some wonderr if it is a shift in earths axis which would affect gravity on earth when it spins temp out of orbit affected by movement of a nearby asteroid around maybe 2012. or?,,we have to wait and see..says perry stone on some of this...but be aware