Thursday, February 24, 2011

This is the Face of Apostacy....when it's all about YOU

I have not been a fan of Andrew Strom for some time. I consider him a false prophet. But even Baalam had a word from time to time.

This one is just over the top stupid and might I even say Evil. I'll let YOU read it for yourself.

His reaction to the Earthquake in Christchurch NZ. It happened because Strom was rebuffed.

Just letting you all know.


Stephen said...

Hmm...I read the article a couple of times and I have to disagree with you Gene. I do not agree with everything Andrew says or believes, however I believe he said the reason for this quake was because Christians down there did not want to come together to give thanks to God for protection during the previous quake that hit the area. Whether or not Christians actually gave thanks is another story.

Gene said...

You may be right, I re read it again and again. I see the arrogance that Andrew exhibits evident. I'm may be angry with him needlessly. He seems like a loose cannon that I will not allow to speak into my life or any that I care about. BUT I read what you say Stephan. Watch him. He seems dangerous.

Gene said...

I am ready to say this...his words seem noble...but under it all was a rebuffed spirit. Not convinced of the spirit behind all this.

Stephen said...

You could be correct Gene. I will definitely keep a look out. Thanks for the warning.


Anonymous said...


I had stumbled upon this link on a different blog.

Prior to seeing your reaction to it, I felt the same way! "This is false, this is not right."

So, I totally agree with you. For what it's worth. I'm saddened so many see nothing wrong here. Sigh.

My spirit was disturbed and his words actually sickened me.

It seems so wholly inappropriate and disrespectful. A bit like 'I told you so, and now look what happened'...and this is not like when someone gets blisters after you told them not to wear sandals on a hike, and you blurt out, 'see, I told you to wear better shoes'.

Not even close.

To come out so publicly and say 'I told you so', 'I warned you' to a community so shaken; and when there is death and loss of life involved??

I don't know what you'd call THAT, but it is not Christ like.

What is that verse? Where the carcasses are there the vultures will gather? Hmm.

Let's all pray for and try to help and grieve with these folks; let's NOT be saying I told you so's, or making sure others knew 'we' saw it coming and 'they' just didn't listen to 'us'.


To have someone do this so publicly, AND to have it be accepted, and not rebuked, (as you've thankfully done!), by so many in the body of Christ... is sad. And a VERY CLEAR picture of where we are; as a body.

Many are so very Narcissistic. Arrogant. Deceived.

The blessed are the broken, the hurting, the meek, the accused.


Strom's words, and those who condone them, also reveal a Pharisee attitude: 'they failed, they didn't thank God, so they brought it on themselves. We would have done better; we would have thanked Him and been spared.'

I am glad you posted your feelings on this, they affirm my own, and then some...