Monday, December 1, 2008

A Word on our Economic Times

I believe I have heard the Lord say:

I am not surprised ever, nothing happens that shocks Me. So what you are going thru, the way it appears is not a new thing to Me.

The world you knew before that you knew in your heart was headed in a wrong direction, a world you lived in once, is gone. It reached a point like in the days of Noah. I did not bring Judgement, I brought correction. I love you too much not too. There are righteous that will feel loss but there are wicked who will be desperate in loss.

This sudden and thorough cleansing affects everything you know. Do not panic. I am still on the throne. This is necessary and in the end you will see it as a sovereign move of My Spirit.

So, watch and see what I will do. Be ready to be used for my purposes when I call you. Do not long for the former things. They are gone. I am taking you to a new place. What you knew will never return again.

What you will come into will be better, much better, but it will be different. You will not long for those days before as the Good Old Days, you will see them for what they were.

My promises are still intact. Still Yea and amen.

So, trust me, I know the future and it is a good place you are going. It is not loss, it is gain, not as you will understand at first, but when you see it, it will be a treasure found only in Me that you never could have known otherwise.

I am cleansing my Body as I pour out my spirit. You will see collapses and failures in ministries and churches all around and at the same time will see explosions of my mercy and moves of My Spirit in ways you only read about up until now. The obedient will be established in Me and as they hear the sure word of Prophecy they will prosper.

Your treasure is locked up in ME alone. If you try to find it any other place you will find only deception and disappointment.

Look only to ME. I am Author. I am Finisher. I began a good work in you. I am faithful to fulfill it.

When you wonder who knows what is happening - I AM.

When you wonder there is any hope - I AM.

More than Enough - I AM.

I wrote this word as I received it late last night. This morning in rereading the word of the Lord to me (us) I see a parallel in the Exodus. We are like the crowd who left Egypt, now we are at the RED SEA (debt and certain catastrophe). Regret and recrimination is everywhere. Congressional Hearings. Crossing over we will go to a place that will not seem clear. Only by once again learning to hear from his voice, to see the Glory Cloud, to bask in his fire will we walk in trusting His leading. There will be times when we will long for the leeks and onions of Egypt. We will have forgotten the chains we were bound by. We will believe there is not hope and that the way it was, was better.

It wasn't. This is freedom. Freedom requires risk and trust in God. He will lead us to a new place, a place of milk and honey with large vineyards. Yes there are Giants, but we are well able.

I want to enter into that place. That new place. I don't want to die in the desert.

The promises of God are sure.

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