Monday, December 15, 2008

A Fool and His Soul are Soon Parted

The word of God says "the fool has said in his heart, "There is no God".

I am aware of the increasing profile (perhaps not number) of a faithless atheistic expression in our culture. I'm not sure there are more, just more visible.

Then there are those who are functional atheists. They attend church from time to time, at funerals, pray the Lords Prayer in unison with others, but they live without God in their life.

They are not professing atheists, just functionally so.

This morning I was looking over a news website. Atheists in Las Vegas want to conduct atheistic weddings. I will shock you. Go ahead. Let them. Most of the Elvis and King Tut weddings are functionally atheist. God is joining nothing together...... etc.

When I read this story, the spirit of God said to me, The man who denies God has a soul, but he will lose it at about 80 years.

A fool and his soul are soon parted. I am NOT the Holy Spirit. I will tell the truth to them. They will suffer great loss. If they turn to Jesus and just ask he will come like the rain, like the spring rain and raise them up again.

If not, they are doomed to spend eternity totally alone, in the cold and dark, tormented by demons and painful remorse on what might have been.

That is a terrible place to be.

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