Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Were David and Jonathon Homosexual Lovers? What you Believe and What you Recieve is Who You Will Become

I won't link to it. I have no interest in starting a blog war. I will discuss in private the matter of what is wrong with what I see as relativistic thinking in the Church. This is not about the NAE. This is worse.

My blog friend Ron Mackenzie says that the whore religion of this day is Democracy. I don't think so. I have lived in socialist countries. They suffer from the same whoredom as those who think they live in democracy like the USA.

The whore of Babylon is a false world religion (that calls itself Christian) who does commerce with the world system on their terms. That is what the church of Jesus is becoming. We compromise a little. Accept a little. Allow a little. When the whore church becomes mainstream it will call it's success REVIVAL. It might even say that the Holy Spirit moved on men and caused men to come to Jesus (in their rebellion and sin). We are on the way there NOW!

All in the name of reaching young people. I love young people. I have many as friends. I go to their conferences. I hear them proclaim an uncompromising faith in Jesus. I suspect those who now take it upon themselves to pronounce what will reach a lost generation think the answer to that question is hidden in the pages of contemporary biblical journalism.

Such is the example of an article from this weeks Newsweek. It asks the question, were David and Jonathon secret homosexual lovers? Maybe even married?

These are the little foxes spoiling the vines. These are altars built in high places to appeal to a generation. They will appeal. But if you read the Books of Kings and Chronicles that kind of compromise will take you to places you never wanted to go and further down than you ever thought possible. It will eventually result in shipwreck and ruin.

I am not optimistic. I heard the Spirit of the Lord say today, "I will destroy everything that hinders love". If that becomes the idol of relativism we are beyond hope as a church.

Only persecution and martyrdom will bring us back to our knees and help us to stop the foolishness that will lead us nowhere but to perdition.

Great prophets of the past like David Wilkerson in The Vision and Set the Trumpet to Thy Mouth saw this day. He saw the whoredom of the church of Jesus. Married to the world in search of cultural relevance.

He was grieved then. He said that God grieved. He still does.

Jesus never embraced or winked at sin. He engaged it. We must engage it. We must earn the right. But long ago I became acquainted with men of God who saw things as they really are and called them according to the word of God.

Where are the Leonard Ravenhills of today? Where are the Keith Greens? We still have David Wilkerson.

Let's hear the voice of God once again. The voice of the world is drowning him out of the church that bears his name.

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