Saturday, December 20, 2008

Satan's Love Trap

From David Wilkerson's Prophecy on October 29, 2001

Brother Wilkerson has already in the former post warned us of the way the devil will persuade everyone to love Jesus together. It will be so Kumbya. Except it's deception. It's not the Exclusivity of Jesus as Lord and King, it's a relativistic Jesus that loves everyone no matter their sin or rebellion. The Love Trap:

Can you see Satan's "love trap" in all of this? When the devil's one-world church finally trumpets its message throughout the earth, millions of lukewarm Christians will be deceived. They'll reason, "This all-church union must be okay. Its leaders talk so much about Jesus. Anybody who speaks of Jesus this much has to have a legitimate Christian faith."

They couldn't be more wrong. The very mantra of Satan's devilish union will be, "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus." Today, evangelical leaders are already asking, "Why can't all groups be one in Jesus? After all, Jews acknowledge Jesus as a prophet. Muslims see him as a good man and a great teacher. Even Sikhs and Hindus respect Jesus."Things are going to get worse, and worse and worse.

The Result is the Great Persecution that has already begun. More Tomorrow.

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