Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Why God's word IN US matters most.

Sometimes I tell people to STOP READING their bibles and start memorizing, get it in your heart. Deep inside. So that at a seconds notice at 3AM you can rehearse the word of God in season and out. Too many people spend too much time reading and not enough inculcating it. You can't impart what you don't possess. God will take what is in you and use it to speak to you. If all that is in there is movies, books, tapes and gossip God won't be able to speak to you. He speaks thru his word stored up in your storehouse. What is in there comes out. Fresh water from Springs.

From Smith Wigglesworth:

God wants to bring our eyes and our ears to a living realization of what the Word of God is, what the Lord God means, and what we may expect if we believe it.

I am certain that the Lord wishes to put before us a living fact which shall, by faith, bring into action a principle which is within our own hearts, so that Christ can dethrone every power of Satan.

It is only the truth of God’s Word revealed to our hearts that can make us so much greater than any idea of ourselves that we had.

I believe that there are volumes of truth right in the midst of our own hearts. There is the need for revelations and for stirring ourselves up to understand the mightiness which God has within us. We may prove what He has accomplished in us if we will only be willing to accomplish that which He has accomplished in us.

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Anonymous said...

We have lost the ancient art of memorizing...... "Lord, I have hid Thy Word in my heart."..... Young people today can mouth the words of a couple dozen rockstar songs and other artists, but to memorize the words of God ?..it's "... whaddya want me ta be? a rocket scientist?"