Monday, December 22, 2008

A Precious Heart for Jesus


How can one even begin to understand the inwardness of a man being summoned before the King. A king with whom no one can see. How can we grasp this upward, inward pulling within ourselves. It’s Him, again; beckoning us to come- alone and be with Him. Who can understand that their is someone whom we have never seen… yet have such an effect on us. How do we explain the longing’s of a deep, pure love, that is tangible. He wants me right now, what do I do? How do we respond to such a love that can not even be expressed with mere words. It’s almost like His heart beats.. boom… boom… inside of me; I can hear it; I can feel it; He wants me (you), now. We are connected He and I (you).

So this is His deep calling to my deep; a healthy good ache in our heart that will not go away. We don’t want anything but the purity of who He is living and breathing inside us. Were wanting, desiring to be near Him; because that is the only thing that will satisfy us.

Shsh! Quite, close your eyes for a moment… Do you feel that… inside your heart, it is the voice of our beloved, His desire is towards you; He is so real we cannot deny it.

How much longer Sweetie?

Boom, Boom, Boom,… I hear you Jesus.

© Desiree Lamphier

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