Friday, December 19, 2008

The Coming World Religion of Fake JESUS

Like a gash that ripped a hole in the world, the onslaught started and reacted to by our nation that began in 9-11 was the beginning of a change that is nothing less than a spiritual big bang.

In one fell swoop, the mystery of Islam was revealed for what it is. The ineptitude of the body of Christ as it is on the earth today was made evident.

Jesus raised the bar in a way we never thought he would.

Right after the bombing of 9-11 David Wilkerson preached a sermon warning the Church of Jesus of the great apostasy to come that was initiated by the crisis in the USA and the world.

My brother found it in his desk drawer this morning and reminded me of it. I took time to look it up. It is startling because it exactly defines what is happening in the so called evangelical church that bears the name of Jesus. Jesus is no longer the Christ exclusive.

Everything has become malleable. Everything is negotiable. Here's what the Prophet Wilkerson said on October 29, 2001:

Every tongue in creation is going to testify, not that Mohammad is Lord, nor Allah, nor any of Hinduism's million gods, but that Jesus Christ is the one and only Lamb of God. That is the issue at the heart of this war. Yet, don't be mistaken: the present war isn't over a name.

It's over the divinity of Jesus, the resurrected, Lord.

Right now, the backslidden, ecumenical church is racing into the arms of Satan's strategy for a one-world church. Eventually, this unified church is going to include all of the world's major religions: Catholicism, Greek Orthodoxy, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, even Evangelical
Protestantism. And Satan will accomplish a single compromise between these religions, to bring this unity about. What will bind them together? The name of Jesus.

Of course, the Jesus who binds these groups together will be a different Christ, of a different gospel. Yet the very name will cause once-evangelical denominations to join with other faiths, saying, "We can agree on one thing: Jesus was a teacher and a prophet. And he's a spirit of human goodness in all of us. We all can accept him as a holy man."

Imagine the Creator of the universe being reduced to this. Jesus will no longer be accepted as the Christ, the divine Lord. The ecumenical church will do away with any idea of his resurrection and saving power. Instead, they'll use him to unite others in Satan's own one-world religion.

The fact is, the whole world can embrace a Jesus who's only a man.

Satan has no problem with that. He can accept the world's admiration and praise of a human-only Jesus. Indeed, many writers have extolled Jesus' human works yet scoffed at his divinity. Some of the most flowery words ever written about him have been authored by agnostic

In addition to this is the way all this is couched in LOVE. Jesus LOVE.

MORE TOMORROW, STAY TUNED - this is a critical prophecy being manifested in our world RIGHT NOW!

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Ron McK said...

With all you guys prophesying for him, the devil just might be able to pull it off.