Sunday, December 14, 2008

Illinois Must be Loved by GOD - Number 9

I thought about how the Lord disciplines those who He loves.

I thought about the last week. I asked why??

I think God must really really love Illinois. Otherwise, how do you explain everything going on in my fair state?

Maybe it has to do with the number 9 as in 2009. Everyone cheered when 8 was the number of new beginnings.

It was.

Now 9.

9 = THE NUMBER OF JUDGMENT. There are 9 greek words derived from the root word meaning judgment = dikay. The following words each occur 9 times in the Bible: abussos (bottomless pit); asebee (ungodly); aselgeia (lasciviousness); and astrapee (lightning). The gifts of the spirit are 9 in number (1 Cor. 12:8-10): the word of wisdom, the word of knowledge, faith, healing, miracles, prophecy, discerning of spirits, tongues, and interpretation of tongues.
It started in Illinois. Where will it end?


Anonymous said...

Maybe it just has to do with evil people who arent repentant for their sin. If thats the case, its gonna be a lot more than Illinois that has light shed on it, and a lot more than just politicians. 08 was told to be a year of great breakout. Maybe it was meant to be a year of great exposure. Think about it-politicians, bankers, corporations, heck even churches. Be advised there's more to come-there always is. BUT those with Good News have "an edge": Jehovah-Chereb - Lord the Sword - Deut. 33:29

Jehovah-'Uzam - Lord Strength in Trouble - Is 49:26.


Anonymous said...

you dont need to post this: this is for your use. Ive been compiling this list for some time now. copy & paste if you want it

Names of Jehovah

Jehovah - The Lord - Exodus 6:2-3

Jehovah-Adon Kal Ha'arets- Lord of Earth - Josh 3:13

Jehovah-Bara - Lord Creator - Isaiah 40:28

Jehovah-Chatsahi - Lord my Strength - Psalm 27:1

Jehovah-Chereb - Lord the Sword - Deut. 33:29

Jehovah-Eli - Lord my God - Psalm 18:2

Jehovah-Elyon - Lord Most High - Psalm 38:2

Jehovah-Gador Milchamah - Mighty in Battle - Ps 24:8

Jehovah-Ganan - Lord Our Defense - Ps 89:18

Jehovah-Go'el - Lord My Redeemer - Is. 49:26, 60:16

Jehovah-Hamelech - Lord King - Psalm 98:6

Jehovah-Hashopet - Lord My Judge - Judges 6:27

Jehovah-Helech 'Olam - Lord King Forever Ps10:16

Jehovah-Hoshe'ah - Lord Saves - Psalm 20:9

Jehovah-Jireh - Provider - Gen. 22:14, I John 4:9, Philip 4:19

Jehovah-Kabodhi - Lord my Glory - Psalm 3:3

Jehovah-Kanna - Lord Jealous - Ex 34:14

Jehovah-Keren-Yish'i - Horn of Salvation - Ps 18:2

Jehovah-M'Kaddesh - Sanctifier - I Corinthians 1:30

Jehovah-Machsi - Lord my Refuge - Psalm 91:9

Jehovah-Magen - Lord my Shield - Deut. 33:29

Jehovah-Ma'oz - Lord my Fortress - Jer. 16:19

Jehovah-Mephalti - Lord my Deliverer - Psalm 18:2

Jehovah-Metshodhathi - Lord my Fortress - Psalm 18:2

Jehovah-Misqabbi - Lord my High Tower - Psalm 18:2

Jehovah-M'gaddishcem - Lord my Sanctifier - Ex 31:13

Jehovah-Naheh - Lord who Smites - Ezekiel 7:9

Jehovah-Nissi - Banner - I Chronicles 29:11-13

Jehovah-Rohi - Shepherd - Psalm 23

Jehovah-Rophe - Healer - Isaiah 53:4,5

Jehovah-Sabaoth - Lord of Hosts - I Sam 1:3

Jehovah-Sel'i - Lord my Rock - Psalm 18:2

Jehovah-Shalom - Peace - Isaiah 9:6, Rom 8:31-35

Jehovah-Shammah - Present - Hebrews 13:5

Jehovah-Tsidkenu - Righteousness - I Cor 1:30

Jehovah-Tsori - Lord my Strength - Psalm 19:14

Jehovah-Yasha - Lord my Savior - Isaiah 49:26

Jehovah-'Ez-Lami - Lord my Strength - Ps 28:7

Jehovah-'Immeku - Lord Is With You - Judges 6:12

Jehovah-'Izoa Hakaboth - Lord Strong -Mighty - Ps 24:8

Jehovah-'Ori - Lord my Light - Psalm 27:1

Jehovah-'Uzam - Lord Strength in Trouble - Is 49:26


Anonymous said...

The church that I see is a church of influence. A church so large in size that the city and nation cannot ignore it.

A church growing so quickly that buildings struggle to contain the increase.

I see a church whose heartfelt praise and worship touches heaven and changes earth. Worship which influences the praises of people throughout the earth exalting Christ with powerful songs of faith and hope.

I see a church whose alters are constantly filled with repentant sinners responding to Christ’s call to salvation.

Yes, the church that I see is so dependent on the Holy Spirit that nothing will stop it not stand against it.

A church whose people are unified, praying and full of God’s Spirit.

The church that I see has a message so clear that lives are being changed forever and potential is fulfilled though the power of His Word. A message beamed to the peoples of the earth through their television screens.

I see a church so compassionate that people are drawn from impossible situations into a loving and friendly circle of hope, where answers are found and acceptance is given.

I see a people so kingdom-minded that they will count whatever the cost and pay whatever the price to see revival sweep this land.

The church that I see is a church to committed to raising, training and empowering a leadership generation to reap the end-time harvest that all its ministries are consumed with this goal.

I see a church whose head is Jesus, whose help is the Holy Spirit and whose focus is the Great Commission.

Yes, the church that I see could well be your church.

The first step starts in you...


Anonymous said...

Amen and Hallelujah praise the lamb. Well said Benjamin.

prophecyfire/ D. gansmann said...

i've met online some great unknown prophets out of Illinois...Illinois is my hometown wish at times God would send me back there again...Its a land of rest for me...

prophecyfire/ D. gansmann said...

also had a dream that said 7x9=63...a prophet guy online said it meant "God is in your equation"...if nine is involved in Illinois for sure God's in it..