Saturday, December 13, 2008

Going to Mt. Horeb

Mt. Horeb (which scriptually is the same mountain as Sinai) is a place of encounter with God. It's a desert place. It's a place where you go to get fresh manna.

I often go to the House of Prayer. It has been a Horeb for me. Here's why:
  • Like Moses encountering the Burning Bush at Horeb and commissions him. He commissioned me there.

  • Like the Children of Israel, divisions and dividing over sin was exposed at Horeb (Golden Calf). And in me.

  • Like the Rock Stuck producing water. My thirst soul was satisfied again and again at Horeb.

  • Like The Law Handed down. Clarity in what God Wanted of me was brought to light at Horeb.

  • Like the encounter with the Glory of God by Moses when the Backside of God Passed by, I encountered God's Glory at Horeb.

  • Like the thundering from the Top of the Mountain at Horeb, I learned to hear and fear the word of the Lord.

  • Like the place of resting and leading, God first appears as a pillar of Fire and cloud at Horeb. I learned to see and hear his leading at Horeb.

  • Like the children of Israel making the ARK of the Covenant out of the Desert, The ARK was born at Horeb. I was there. Was part of it.

  • And even today, when I need to retreat from Jezebel I go to Horeb to hide in the cave and hear from God. Like Elijah did. He speaks to me at Horeb.
I hope you have a Horeb. Where did you first encounter God and Can Go There now to find him again?

That's Mount Horeb for you.

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Anonymous said...

We're leaving for My Horeb tomorrow early. You & P have a great Christmas.

Deuteronomy 4:35