Thursday, December 11, 2008

Testing the theory of Jesus

I have a sense that the theory and practice of being "Christian" is about to be tested. The idea that when Jesus is all you have, Jesus is all you need.

I have said that numerous times. I believe it. I didn't want it tested.

Neither did Abraham. God said, Take Issac up to the Mount of Moriah and give up all hope you had in him. The promise I gave you. The future of my destiny in you.

Abraham was tested. Proven. Taken to a Now I Know place in God. God Knew. Abraham had to understand that God knew and needed to demonstrate that with Issac.

Now we are here. 21st century. The promises of God seem to be lain on the altars. The futures. Destinies. Hope seems to be gone. The knife that cuts all off is in your hand.

Is Jesus enough or was all that just talk? Yes, this is about your and my future. Our hopes. Our fears.

Is Jesus enough or should we look for another John the Baptizer asked. Yes he had seen blind see, lame walk, dead raised. But, he asked, What about me? Is my promise about to be cut off?

Or is Jesus enough?

That's what the Spirit of God asked me this morning. Maybe you too.

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