Friday, December 12, 2008

A Day without the Word of God is like.......

I spent the day on and off, on the phone and in person with a couple of precious men of God who operate in magnificent giftings. Prophetic and otherwise.

It was so encouraging.

I have been listening to Reverend Bad News on CNN and CNBC too much. The spirit of a man can only take so much abuse. Mine did.

I was just hungry. Sometimes I just need to get around men of God who hear his voice and can speak a rhema word in due season to a brother.

A prophet needs a Prophet. God said to Moses, "the LORD said to Moses, See, I have made you a god to Pharaoh: and Aaron your brother shall be your prophet." Exodus 7:1

We live in a world where we are to have authority and dominion over the world system and not allow it to corrupt or press us into it's mould. We are to be god over that system, but we need a prophet to keep us from going astray or to encourage us to keep going.

That happened yesterday. Thank God for the Prophetic Word in my Life.

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