Friday, December 5, 2008

A Look at the coming World Religion

I received this last night via email. It came under the byline of Misty Edwards. I like Misty's music, I like Misty's theologies. The IHOP in Kansas City is one of those things I have supported from the very first day it started. I was there that day in the old trailer houses.

So, when I received this "Warning" from Mike Bickle I listened carefully. Now, to be clear, I am somewhat Preteristic in my view of the end times things. Not a left behind fan. Nor many of the books and teachings that are so popular today.

What I do espouse however is the concept of the coming world religion and the leader that will be the last antichrist. There have been many up till now. The spirit of antichrist is in the world. But there will be many many more in the future. Then there will be one who attempts to woo the whole world.

If this is of interest to you, you should listen to the whole teaching by Mike. What bothers me about all this is the reality that even very good men, christian leaders are being deceived by this theology of inclusion right NOW. Even the very elect are deceived. You don't have to be. Listen to this important teaching.

From Misty Edwards:

I urge you to log on to our website and listen to Mike Bickle’s teaching from this past Saturday night on the Harlot Babylon (Rev. 17). In this message, Mike gave a very clear trumpet blast exposing the lies and ideology that are emerging in the earth and even in some of the Church.

I believe it is urgent that we understand these false ideas and sentiments because they will lead to a unified, global religion that is part of Satan's plan to cause many to fall away from the true faith. We must prepare ourselves and others for the dramatic events surrounding this shift of the times. I strongly recommend that you listen to this prophetic message with a prayerful spirit and invite your friends, families and churches to do the same.


Misty Edwards


Allen Hood and Lou Engle also had this to say about last Saturday night’s teaching on Harlot Babylon:

“It is critical that the Church understands the deception coming to its own doors and that is even already knocking. It is the role of forerunners to rightly discern truth from deception and make it plain to the Body of Christ. We don't have time to waste in understanding the corrupt and seductive religious and economic system known as Harlot Babylon as we prepare the Church to take its stand on the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ."
–Allen Hood, Associate Director of IHOP–KC

“The Harlot Babylon system has already begun to infiltrate our nation as our present laws and education reflect its alignment with Her corruption. We must equip ourselves with knowledge and understanding of what Scripture teaches us in the Book of Revelation about this broad-sweeping, Satanically-inspired movement that will touch every sphere of society, including our families and churches. Mike’s trumpet call to the Church to stand on Truth and not waver in the face of political correctness is both loud and clear."
–Lou Engle, President of TheCall

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