Saturday, December 6, 2008

Preserving the Bloodline

Today I taught the men about the Scarlett Thread of Redemption. That God continued to preserve the bloodline of Jesus supernaturally from Adam to the last Adam.

It occurred to me that the redemption we receive is not of our choosing. We can reject it but we cannot deserve it. God's preservation is his purpose thru us.

In the end God's purposes in making the way straight, tearing down mountains and removing the rough places is still intact.

About the time we think we are outside at any level of the Family of God, remember, when you were born again you became a new creation, your blood heritage changed, you are became an heir of Abraham's covenant promises. You are blood brother to Jesus the first born of Many of which you are one.

We must begin to confidently walk like who and who's we really are.

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