Monday, December 8, 2008

God's Discard

This morning I had a sense that God wants us to know that he is never ever finished with us. We are always purposed. It changes. It's different. It is new. It may not even be what we had hoped. The changes may make us uncomfortable. It may even make us feel set aside. Discarded.

It will most likely be perfect when we see it in a rear view mirror.

So this morning I saw the discards of God (in their minds) walking in new purpose. God hasn't forgotten, hasn't ignored, hasn't made a mistake.

I needed to hear this and perhaps you did too. You might feel like the world's discard, you might feel like your family's discard, you might even feel like you are a discard to yourself, but you are never God's Discard.

You are precious, you carry the exact spiritual DNA of God when he created you in his image. You are unique even above the angels, demons, dogs, cats and horses. Nothing has ever been created that is genetically exactly like God in the Spirit as you are. He said, "let us create MAN in our IMAGE. Mirror Image. Exact Duplicate. That's what an image is". You are not a mistake. You are perfect and in your spirit, divine. Your flesh is another matter, but you are eternal. Perfect. Duplicate DNA.

God can no more discard you than discard himself. There are times when we ask, My God My God......WHY?

Then we must go to a place and wait. He will come. Like the spring rain. After 3 days raise you up again.

From Helen Ramsey:
Do not forget that God has by no means finished His dealings with you.

There will still be other winds, earthquakes, and fires, for if we are not careful to walk in the Spirit the flesh will be revived.

In this event what shall we do? There is only one thing to do; go back to Horeb, “the mountain of God,” back to Pentecost. Hide yourself alone in the cave with God, and there wait till once more the still small voice speaks, for only then may you know that all is well between you and your God.

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Anonymous said...

I happened onto the site "quite by accident?????". I Googling for "Gene May, Prophet" when I landed here. For a long time, I have been seeking God and found Him to live and exist in me! As I progress from one stage of glory to another, I am opening my heart TOTALLY to the Holy Spirit.

This morning I was directed to stop rearranging the den and to get the "cat tail" duster, clean the little ceiling boogers out of my physical home as I prayed for the Holy Spirit to get the boogers out of my spiritual home/temple as well.

I found that God was strengthing and quickening my spirit to receive more of His Spirit, my free gift and blessing because I KNOW who I AM because I understand who He is.

Then, I was led to read Isaiah 52 - 54 where I realized what a Mighty God we serve! Isaiah prophecied by the power of God many, many years ago that Messiah would come and fill us with Himself!

How awesome! Divorced from and widowed by the world that counts me crazy, God Himself has become my husband and very best friend.

May this Advent Season usher in a new begining in each of your lives. Seek and you WILL find.

God's blessings and favor,
Luwin Lewis