Monday, July 1, 2013

The Next Wave Could Kill YOU - What's coming next

Last week I got a download of the next wave of attack on humanity by satan.

Remember if it is stealing, killing or destroying, it's probably satan.

Paul the Apostle said: "Satan will not outsmart us. For we are familiar with his evil schemes". 2 Corinthians 2:11
Yet, many people ARE outsmarted by satan.  He runs us over and we don't even know what hit us.  The cultural collapse we are seeing as evidenced by legalization of Homosexual marriage was a wake up call.  Yet many are saying let's go back to sleep.  Just say smooth words prophet.  Just tell us good things.  When the defense of marriage act (DOMA) that was just called unconstitutional by the courts was implemented and voted on in the mid 90s it was almost considered foolish. Like voting on a law that makes it illegal for the Chicago Cubs to win a world series.  It was not even on the radar that there would come this day.

It came.  Many people stood by and watched it happen.  Even voted for those who promoted the end of sacred marriage between a man and a woman.  That battle is over.  Satan is destroying marriage.

A new one is about to be unleashed on humanity. Most people aren't even aware that this is going to happen.  You will hear it here first.  I share this as a prophet who has seen this as a future headline.

The affordable care act (Obamacare) is going to fail... financially.  It is unaffordable. It won't work.  It will cause all kinds of headaches.  Young people are not going to comply with the mandate that they have to have health insurance.  Families will not be able to afford to pay the ever increasing premiums.  This will create a crisis.  Even if pretty much everyone is covered under a follow up plan that is nationalized health care, it will fail.  We don't have enough money to provide health care to everyone.  There is an inevitable end to this.

Be prepared for an onslaught promoting euthanasia.  It will become a cultural push.  Movies will be made portraying how honorable and wonderful it is to kill one's self.  Then movies will be made that will portray how honorable it is to kill those who are suffering, old, infirmed and invalid.  They will be very compassionate.  It will become taught in grade school.  Stories promoting the normalization of a culture of death.  There will be TV shows showing people dying who are sick and they take their own life. There was a Mentalist with just such a scene in the last year.  It will become "Selfish" to live or let live those who no longer are able to contribute to society. They will use the expense of keeping people alive and the need for nationalized health care as an underlying cause.

Sure there will be debates.  Just as there were debates about same sex marriage.  The culture will be impacted.  This has happened before.  Hitler had a solution.  Germany had national health care, but it was bankrupting the state.  The push was to send away to die "Useless Eaters".  This was before the war.  This was early on when the state would take a downs child away from a family for "care" and a few months later report that "Sadly" the child had died. 

This spirit is already in force.  You are going to see a cultural push to make euthanasia (active and imposed) a near sacrament.  A sacrament of satan is what it really will be.

When you hear that the most costly health care is in the last year of life of a person... that's the push. 

I know this is true.  Now that you do... start supporting life.  Homosexuals were not out of the closet in the 70's.  David Wilkerson told us they would be.  Now they are having parades and marrying.

This is coming.  We must begin to speak against this before it gains traction.  Christians must learn to win the culture wars.  We don't know how to speak into the culture.  But that's another topic.


Anonymous said...

Just a speculation. If you remember mike bickles vision in 2009 it seemed to be a warning although I am not aware of any change in pace or doctorine by either man. those things falling from the sky that scattered the entire stadium of Christians and leaders. Well rick joyner Kenneth hagin and lester Sumrall all new Apostles and prophets have a part. The warfare must be taken to the heavenlies the've all been used in that manner most of the time these offices are ignored.I hate to say it but really the church needs to turn in on itself and it's gonna take the judgement of God to set order in His house and cleanse it.If you can find 10,oo beleivers in an area filled to overflow then there will come a great moral shift in the area it happened to finney etter and wigglsworth or we must find allow and support those foundational ministires used in the same manner as above. only two options I know of.

Fallout said...

I have heard many arguments against gay marriage on secular TV with most approaching it in the same way. They start and end with its unnatural and cannot produce children. All true but they leave out the most important factor, God.

Why not start out with the basic truth and build on it instead of starting out with the unnaturalness of two people of the same sex being together?

Why isn't sin spoken about by Christians on secular TV? Without bringing God into the argument we are acting like a man made argument where there is no light. Since many Americans profess to be Christian, they need to hear the truth. Let this debate begin with God and His Word. Make Him alive to those who will receive Him.

Same sex marriage is sin because God told us so in His Word. From that foundation, the argument can be made why it's not right. Do so in the spirit of love. Christians need to speak boldly God's message without fear of what corrupted people might think.

As I remember Arthur Blessitt said long ago that when you bring someone to Christ, use His Word. When the person asks “what if” or “what about” questions, state something like God will do what is right and bring them back to the Word. In my opinion we need to do the same thing with moral issues. Don't be ashamed of the gospel of Christ. Do it in love and don't hammer them over and over again with Sodom and Gomorrah. Be prepared and be wise as the serpent and harmless as a dove.