Friday, June 28, 2013

Cursed are The Moneychangers who will USE the Cultural Collapse for Gain

I have been seeking God on the whole issue of our cultural collapse as is most recently evident by the court's decision regarding Homosex marriage.

During that time I heard this:

There are many who will now use this as a reason to enrich themselves and their ministries.  A curse will be called on those who do.  It is the curse I called when I cleansed the temple.  Den of Thieves.

There was more, but some was just for me.  I grasp the nature of the curse.  How long will it be until we see in conferences, on Christian TV and in Social Media some guy or gal look into the camera and say:

"We must stop the decline of our country.  Send your offering of $700 today and join the fight.  It's time to take back our nation from the Devil"

It will be some well known someone who is on TV to start this. It is the money machine that  masquerades as christian.  I can see it now.  It's somewhat akin to the sad dogs and cats in the commercial or the starving children you see again and again in an appeal for money.  It's not that there is not a need, it's just that the real purpose is enrichment. 

So, be warned, as a Prophet of God, I will be on alert for this.  I have my instructions.  I will call out the thieves in the den.  As Jesus did.  You will hear this loud and clear.

Yes ministry, particularly ministry that speaks to the culture needs money.  Money however FOLLOWS ministry. IF you are doing what you are called to do, money will not be an issue.  Before you begin to take on leviathan at large, if you are a minister, make sure your own house is clean.  Get YOUR army marching and armed. 

So go to war, just don't call down a curse on yourself by using this cultural crisis for gain. 

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Anonymous said...

I wanted to draw back from an appointment one time with a minister I didn't really know had no referances or pedigree papers just an experience purpose and call from a living God. as I sought the Lord He said dunb dogs don't bark I remembered the old testament it put the fear of the Lord in me so much for canceling thanks gene for being loving enough to bark not that I am saying your a dog but simply doing what God created your office to do be FEIRCLY loyal to God above all others a lifelong student and loving enough to bark about whatever and to whoever the Lord directs. It is quite likely many professing leaders in America are standing on a dangerous line they don't want to cross and the last person they see when they do may be an apostle or prophet nobody knew as of yet or the faithful few that remained faithful and true to God Known among men and yet still rejected ignored and despised Isaiah was told write it down for a time to come that it may be an example for all time it's a good read I think it's Isaiah 39