Tuesday, June 4, 2013

It Depends on the Power You USE to be Effective in the Kingdom

I heard this and now am expanding it:

Many well meaning Christians fail to enter into the fullness of the Spirit of God freely offered.  There are THREE categories of these well meaning people.

1. Some will say they don't really believe in those things.  Say they are not for today.  Say that all that stuff passed away with the writing of the New Testament.  The Bible is all we need.

2. Others say that they will enter in to this IF GOD sovereignly moves on them for them to receive power after the Holy Ghost comes on them.  So they wait.  Not really seeking.  Just sitting casually by and if by accident the power should come... they'll take it.  Otherwise they'll stick with what they know and what was passed down to them. They look back to days of old and the saints that walked the earth.  They suppose that the tools good enough for them are good enough for today. 

3. Then there are those who are Hungry for Everything God can provide.  They want it all.  Nothing broken nothing missing.  More Lord More.  Give it to me.

It's a matter of accessing the Power:

Suppose a person is called of his Master to clear a forest of dead trees so new life can come.   The Master offers a New Powerful Chain Saw, fueled up and ready to go OR He offers a Bow Saw, sharp and useful.

In that case, unless I am a fool I will take the Master's Chain Saw.  I will ask for all the fuel I can get, help me find a way to keep it sharp and let me at em.  In not many days much of the dead overgrowth will be gone.  All that will remain will be new fresh living vegetation when the SUN can shine thru.  I will have received POWER after the Holy Ghost came upon me.  Power to do the WORK HE called me to do.

If I were like the second category, I might be deluded into thinking, "If the Master WANTED me to use a chains saw he would have handed it to me. I shouldn't have to reach for it.  Our denomination back 500 years ago felled trees with bow saws and if is was good enough for them, it's good enough for me."   A few trees will be felled but not without a great deal of effort.  Blood Sweat and Tears.  Human effort over Power.

IF I were like the first category, I might say, "No my Master, I shall not use what you provide, I shall rather use the Holy Nail File to take down this dead forest.  I shall work with all diligence to do the work you have called me to".  I promise that person will work very hard and perhaps in time even fell a tree after great effort.  The Forest however would be left substantially untouched.   But he will die with that nail file in his hand feeling like he did well as a good and faithful servant.

Stop trying in your own strength and without the proper equipping to do what you are called to.  God is in the equipping business and you can't do what He calls you to do without the power.  It's Free.  Reach for it.

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