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Kim Clement: The Cloud of Blessing and Outpouring - There Will Be Rain, Rain, and More Rain to Bring Restoration

Kim ClementJune 1, 2013 - From The Den:
Canada. Okay, that's what I wanted, because Canada is on the Lord's heart right now. I was taken back to Canada when that piece was brought forth and has gone throughout the earth. Even your President has repeated it. I want you to know that this country is heading for something greater than it has right now.
Keep your eye on Istanbul. That's another thing I'm just hearing right now. Keep your eye on Istanbul. What part of the world is that? Turkey. Keep your eye on Istanbul. That's what I hear right now.
A Summer of New Beginnings
June 5, 2013 - From The Matrix:
Fragrance of RainThere's a strange odor. It's a fragrance of rain; you know, when it's rained, and there's been a lot of rain, and suddenly it's over and the earth is saturated with a fragrance. (Breathes in.) My sense of smell is not enhanced always in prophetic moments, but I'm sensing, I'm detecting, I'm smelling – I used the word "odor," but it's wrong. It's a fragrance that's coming from the earth as if it's rained, as if it's rained and rained. Floods have come and God has wiped away iniquity.
We don't often speak of Noah, except if it's to a child, to teach, or in some eschatological explanation of what it meant. But that rain caused Noah to be locked in. The Bible says that God shut him in; God shut him into the ark, separated for a season, and then opened the windows of Heaven and it rained. Hear me out, please. And then there was the story of how God opened; He closed him in and opened up the door. The raven – the dove – and how he knew that the earth was prepared and ready for him to put his feet on and plant a vineyard, which he did.
The Spirit of God says, "There will be rain, rain, rain." I saw it when I was praying on Saturday; I saw rain. I saw destructive rain, but I also saw rain of His presence to bring about vindication, restoration. A cloud that seems foreboding becomes a cloud of blessing and outpouring.
Father, I pray today that You would reveal more of this that is happening and will happen through the summer. Let them take note that I am not just speaking and praying something. It's what I saw as I was weeping on Saturday and more will come.
"But these rains shall wash and cleanse during summer, for this shall be a summer of new beginnings for many of you. Take that word and watch the clouds and watch the rain as I come in the summer and I will shut you in to keep you and protect you," says the Spirit of God.
A Season of the Spirit
Kim explaining what happened at The Den on Saturday:
What happened was, a cloud came in. People wouldn't have seen it; a lot of people wouldn't have seen that, but I caught glimpses of it. I knew I was in it; I've been in clouds before on mountaintops. I understand the feeling; I know the feeling, I should say. I was in that cloud, and during that moment, I started hearing things, and one thing that I heard over and over was rain, so much rain.
I don't have full understanding of it and I don't want to explain something that I don't have full understanding of. God just spoke now about Noah, about shutting him in, a summer for those that are living and a winter – this is not a summer season in terms of a natural season; this is a season in the Spirit. We'll continue on this week as I pray about it and I'll share things from my garden. As you know, I'm leaving for Israel on Sunday. There are a lot of things happening right now.
The Providence of God
Kim discussing being in the cloud: Prophetic intercession is basically getting captured into the future, and as a result of being captured into the future, you begin to pray and intercede for that season or that time that you're in. So I was caught up into the future, and yes, I was crying, I was weeping because I did see a lot of heartache; I did see a lot of things happening, but realizing that out of this, out of this bitter, would come something tremendously sweet.
The CloudSo, let me share with you about the cloud, because the cloud that I was caught up into is something that was around or was present throughout the journey of the Israelites. You know there was a cloud that directed them, and I'm not going to read the Scriptures to you, because you need to understand what it means.
This summer season you're going to have a prophetic visitation. This is very important, because if I had this, then God wants to do the same for you. I'll bring you to the Scriptures in a minute. The cloud that covered the tabernacle at the time, which contained the glory of God, which was the Ark of the Covenant, as you know – the Ark of the Covenant and then the Mercy Seat...all of this, there was a cloud that covered it. When the cloud rested, everybody rested. They were shut in; they could stay. When the cloud lifted, that's when they began to move. You all know the story; that's what happened.
Now, throughout the Bible if you go check on clouds, you'll realize, it's always, first of all, God's presence, but leading you somewhere. So, the cloud leads you to another place; then it tarries. I call it the providence of God. When the providence of God tarries, then we wait as well. We cannot go ahead of it. This cloud is specific for prophetic protection, direction, and visitation.
We're Going to Get Through This
What you saw on Saturday was divine transfiguration, because the future was upon me and I was showing you tomorrow; I was weeping for tomorrow. I was interceding, and the weeping was not only sadness, the weeping was not only because of bitterness, but because I heard the heart of God – how He loves humanity, how He loves America, how He loves the nations of the world, and how He's going to pour out of His Spirit upon them.
Why are there so many that are bitter, why are there so many that are complaining? The complaining of the people came before God; the negativeness came before Him, and I almost felt like He was being stifled by that negativeness. He's listening for a sound; He's listening for someone that sounds just like Him. He's listening for somebody that sounds just like Him. To be drawn to Himself is one of the greatest things.
That's why praise is so powerful, because you are doing something that is so divine and so God-led and God-inspired that He's drawn to it because He's hearing Himself. He's looking and He's searching all over the earth for somebody that is sounding like Him, that is speaking His Word so that He can be drawn to them.
You're going through the doorWe're going to get through this, people. Hear the prophet today! We're going to get through this. We are going to get through this, and when we get through that door, there's a whole new dimension that you have never sensed or felt in your entire life!
I said we're going to get through this! I said we're going to get through this!
I don't care what you're facing; I'm facing something, but I was caught up into tomorrow and I began to cry for the pain that is upon the nation. But yet, I saw glorious clouds – clouds of God's presence, clouds of God's healing power.
Restoration was one of the biggest things I kept hearing over and over – rain, rain to bring restoration that will bring fruit to the earth and to His people. You're going to get through this. The door has an adversary and that adversary is standing before you and trying to stop you from going through the door, and God says, "You're going to go through this door, for My prophet is being sent through the door, and you're going to go through that door and get to the other side."
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