Sunday, June 23, 2013

My Sound, the Sound of Heaven, is making its entry into the earth from Michelle Holderman,

“There is a sound I AM orchestrating, says the Father. A sound beyond anything that anyone knows of. A sound so extraordinary; it will not permit anything that is not of pure flow.

My Sound, the Sound of Heaven, is making its entry into the earth.

Beyond that which you already know, I AM bending down to make My Glory known so that all who are calling upon My Son’s great name will know precisely that I AM who I say I AM.

Expression and exposure are both coming.

My expression in the earth through My sons and daughters is forthright already. However, I want to express more of Myself through you.

My exposure is already underway and will not make a whole lot of people happy. But I must uncover that which is concealed. I must make known what has occurred behind closed doors, if you will (Luke 8:17). It is precisely My measure of grace that I AM pouring out upon My people, upon their homes and workplaces, that will ready them for what is coming, says the Lord.

Great finances will be entrusted into the hands of those who are ready to expand the Kingdom of God on earth. Those who yet know the value of trust I place upon those whom I entrust the very vault of Heaven to, are going to know firsthand why I have chosen them.

Many are already beginning to sense great awakenings within their very own spirits. However, many of the hearts of My very own people are in need of the exposure I have spoken of. They have yet to give over to Me what is rightfully Mine. They yearn for more, for greater and greater things, yet they not only rob Me; they exploit others for their very own gain. This is not how Kingdom ministers are to operate. They will know that I AM because of the exposure I AM sending, says Yahweh.

The Order of God bends for no one. I AM bringing a precious word to those whose hearts are yearning for more of My Order and My Presence. That is the very expression through which I will show them more of Myself.

More is not less and less is not more. But this is how the world sells it. It’s a topsy-turvy roller coaster ride of emotions for those who place more trust in their own sense of righteousness than in My Son’s.

You are righteous in My eyes because of Yeshua alone; nothing more and nothing less. His sacrifice made possible the extension of God’s grace, mercy, truth and forgiveness. Apart from this, there is no righteousness. Many are perishing because of their lack of knowledge of the true Messiah.

As I release My expression in greater measure into the earth realm, there will be both sinner and saint who will rise to express who I AM. Can I not release a Sound so great that all who are going to hear it will be thrust into that very Sound itself? Both the mighty and the weak will long to hear it. Those who are of My Kingdom will carry My Sound in greater measure. I will astound many by the Sound of Heaven. Get ready for this awakening frequency to enter your hearts.

The greater the sound, the greater My authority that will awaken those whose hearts are troubled. Lean not on your own understanding but in all your ways acknowledge [submit to] Me and I will make your paths plain [evident] (Proverbs 3:5-6). Shalom.”
Friday 4:07pm

thank you Michelle.


Anonymous said...

I would like to thank you for posting this I am the one that saw the swords falling from the sky although it started as a perception and became a vision I believe their where five it's still a little fuzzy. The divine order of government in church. around the last two weeks I have heard a new sound several times. This is a good read for what that entails (Bobby Conner: The Master's Potter) The Christian life to me would be comparable to several aspects God the creator to His creations a child growing into an adult and every aspect of enlistment into the military. To be honest and well balanced there is doctorine that addresses all these things. the earth is the Lords and the planting therof. Israel was heading for trouble reference the fitch the cumin and the wheat each has a different threshing process hence Jesus came with a winnowing fan in His hand this theme runs from the old testament thru the new.America does not seem to have a very balanced doctorinal view in that area. God has been dealing with me about the cost Jesus spoke about the book of revelation concerning the seven churches and some things neglected in the order of how the church should operate and the six foundational doctorines above all How these things tie into The Father Son Holy Spirit and conduct and operation of all three There soverign right and expectation for there creations in the last days. Knowledge will increase and there is a light beating for those who don't know and a severe one for those who knew to do good. Joyce meyer taught a good series on potters wheel or potters feild and a series on offense, She stated the great falling away may come because many will will be offended by the truth of Gods Word. A church without spot or blemish before Jesus comes would seem to suggest although many know Him as Father they must know Him as God soverign commander of all and the orchestrater of those creations to His purpose and yet allowing freewill. I think WE are about to enter an Ezekiel 3 season that will bring a revival and a sifting. I believe God is calling for a standing army in which he can move not perfect but obedient with a love for Him and a heart to serve. Weekend warriors and even many leaders may not like this as we see different truths and attributes of a Holy God but for those who respond oh the eternal works they will accomplish. SHALOM peace be with you until we meet in heaven thank you for being a blessing.

Anonymous said...

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