Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Excuse for Persecution... a Prophetic Peek into YOUR Future

People don't understand how the forces of evil will make excuses to make LEGAL and "JUST" to persecute Christians in the USA.

It is coming.  Many think it will be hard to implement such a policy.  That people will be incensed that good moral people are being locked up or worse.

It's becoming clear that the rationale for the coming persecution will revolve around 3 "crimes against the state":

Hate Speech...  Speaking out against homosexual normalization (like marriage) will become a crime.  Hate and bully will be the buzzwords that cause many to be charged thus.  You will be told to sit down and shut up or you will be incarcerated.

Environmentalism....  The fact that some Christians have beliefs (right or wrong) that includes some kind of escapism (Rapture) means that we will be accused of being dangerous for our beliefs.  IF we didn't think the world would end soon we would take better care of the planet.  That kind of thinking will make criminals of anyone who has the belief that Jesus is coming soon.  Even if your eschatology is not of the ilk, if you are a professing Christian, you are lumped in together.

Intolerance....  As wickedness expands, false religions take their places (Islam) and other gods become normative, Christians who speak against these evils will be seen as intolerant and it will be a reason to justify severe persecution.  Anyone who questions why will be denounced.  Look at what happened in China during the years of Mao.  That is coming here.  Intolerance will be defined as equal to racism.  Simply pointing out hypocrisy will be considered intolerance.  Not to be defended.

IF you want to avoid being persecuted or even being thrown into the fiery furnace, when the music plays, bow down, conform, shut up about your opinions, compromise.

You will have a choice.   What will you choose when the persecutions come?  They will come.  The music is playing... will you bow?

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Anonymous said...

This is a great article. I just walked in the door and set down I had been thinking about the church of Antioch and how things will have to come into order before the Lord comes the absoloute warfare and hatred it will bring with in the professing Christians and leaders system because Jesus will return for a waring walking according to His Spirit church.The doctorinal shift and quickening of knowledge to reveal different character aspects and truths of Gods Works and Words and how many of Jesus own disciples turned back on Him. The fact that sometimes I wept and sat in confusion as I told ministers I was sent to all have a right to hear from God and the shocked looks of unbelief and persecution . The fact that it takes very few talented people in a church and the gifts ti disceren the hearts and condition of their relationship with the Lord.a large failure to make demon stomping disciple with signs following on any large scale. How this lack has become normal and remembering your post on the spiritual concentration camp. and the absoloute spiritual and even physical warfare coming between the servents of God and those of Satan. I suppose it is the very grace of God I am not overwhelmed by greif as he reveals His heart and hopelessness of the great losses in the battle to come. SHALOM