Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Michelle McClain - Words of Life and Light

Prophets are among the greatest gifts the Lord has given the body of Christ, partly because of their God-given ability to build with words. Words spoken in the correct setting can bring forth life and healing to the human heart. Proverbs 25:11 says, “Like apples of gold in settings of silver is a word spoken in right circumstances” (NASB). It only takes one word fitly spoken to a hurting soul to introduce or reintroduce Jesus Christ into that life.

People are controlled with words. Dignity is restored with words. Love is communicated through words. And our worlds are framed and created by words. Many believe that prophets are called to uproot and tear down. Though that’s a vital part of the prophet’s ministry, the ability to build up and create is also a vital function of the prophetic office. One God-empowered word can bring light, structure and fulfillment into a life that is dark, void and without hope, purpose or form.

Genesis 1:3 marks God’s first recorded words as “Let there be light.” God wasn’t simply foretelling light; His words were literally creating light. A prophet’s first devotion should be to release light and, by doing so, expose darkness. It is time to bring restoration, not devastation.

It takes little effort to uproot and tear down, but it takes love, patience and wisdom to plant and build. Many immature prophets—especially those with strong deliverance backgrounds—are quick to identify the devil’s work in a person without any concern for the human soul. They can accurately identify problems yet fail to give solutions.

A mature prophet, on the other hand, offers what I call prophetic prescriptions. He or she doesn’t give blanket prophecies, but instead truly listens to the Holy Spirit regarding the condition of each human soul. True prophetic ministry imparts grace and truth that sets people free, showing them the way out of their sin or to higher levels of spiritual maturity.


Anonymous said...

You know I like some of her articles but as you know gene.That spiritual concentration camp you saw and the fact that many of Gods Prophets have been silenced and not treated well.I don't always understand her articles. They almost always say a way out. The way out is to follow Gods direction and repent if necessary. I am sorry I don't mean to say that bad Word REPENT but heres the deal Jesus is coming for a bride without spot or blemish in greek (character flaws). I think she has it backwards the ultimate test of character for a prophet is.well What is a Prophet? The Prophetic Function———ArtKatzPosted by appolus on August 3, 2011 Art katz has an extremely good point in his message holiness or blessing on the website also He has a message called prophetic communication that lines right up with Kenneth hagin and ed dufrense testimony of God judging leaders laymen and disbanding churches.No one likes correction but can there be love without it.The ultimate test of character to me is will you be loyal to God or give an itching ear message. For those prophetic type people who have felt His pain sorrow greif righteous indignation and anger we realize they are every bit as important as mercy love justice and compassion.There must come a change because of the hardness of heart jeramiah 29Is not my word like as a fire? said the LORD; and like a hammer that breaks the rock in pieces?

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Prophetic Ministry
by T. Austin-Sparks
book free taustin
Picture of a Prophet
By Leonard Ravenhill
Prophetic preaching a.w. tozer
1,000s of professing minister are getting fat while the sheep starve,many don't understand the hard things paul taught searing of conscience harden not your heart deceitfulness of sin and the result of being spiritually blind. Heresey is like eating poisen and many are not taught the six foundational doctorines which would give them some protection from these poisons and millions are developing itching ears refusing to die that Christ may be formed in them and be Spirit led many preists are fine with it. don't much seem to care about 1st or 2nd Corinthians and mocking eph4 by their conduct and lack of teaching and understanding. If we don't break through the walls of religion and the preists fleecing and beating the sheep refusing to make disciples. There may hardly be anyone left for Jesus to come back to.

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No one likes correction but can there be love without it.”

Your posts would be more readable and much easier to follow if you would try to use some basic writing structure between sentences, paragraphs between thoughts and periods at the end of a sentences. These things would help a lot.