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I didn't write this, but I concur.  This is why on this prophetic blog you won't find much prophetic writing or pronouncement about end times.  Sure, we are in a time...end?  Don't think so.  We are experiencing predictable cycles that take us from prophetic fulfillment to another and then around again. The devil has no new schemes. He is the master at recycling.  Read this and ask yourself if this resonates.. it does to me.  I won't condemn you for believing all you hear on Christian TV.. but this is another look at truth


WHAT IF from a spiritual perspective, the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem, at 70 AD was what Jesus had it mind when He taught those who had ears to hear to flee Jerusalem when they see the Judgment of God coming, (in their lifetime). The Jews still under the law continued to offer sacrifice, not having accepted Jesus as the acceptable Sacrifice God foreshadowed prophetically. This kept them bound to vain, inherited traditions of men, via Blind Leaders leading the blind; Blind Leaders who had not received Gods Truth, but hung onto Vain inherited Traditions which were a distortion of Father’s intention and kept those who would from entering into the Kingdom of God, as a Spiritual Kingdom. Those who did not embrace the spirit of the Teachings of Jesus, were looking for Him to release them from Roman Bondage as they believed their Messiah would set up an Earthly Kingdom whereby they would rule over men with Him, in the Natural, as a Great Nation. They had temporal thinking… they had not spiritual eyes to see, nor ears to hear, through His Eyes of Eternity.

WHAT IF after he was exiled to Patmos by Nero, John did receive a visitation whereby Jesus revealed the Revelation God gave him, in a Symbolic/Spiritual Language (so the fleshly Romans could not understand), of Gods judgment that was going to SHORTLY come upon those Jews who were worshiping from a Religious mindset, rather than worshiping in Spirit and Truth.

WHAT IF the Revelation given to Jesus Christ by God, (verse 1) in context as a whole, was meant to be a message of encouragement for those who would become "Spiritual Israel". Shortly after, the Romans (of an anti-Christ spirit) utterly destroyed the Temple after a long and bloody siege, 66-70 AD. The Jews revolted against their Authority, believing God would give them the Victory; instead their Temple was completely and utterly destroyed. Only the wall outside the Temple remains. Why would He allow this, if there was still a need for it? The known world, watched as the great City of Peace, Jerusalem, fell and the Harlot (those who worshiped a false God, calling themselves Jews but were of the Synagogue of Satan, walking in the flesh) was revealed. During the process, some were taken some left while working in the fields to mention another Scripture. The letters of Paul and the other Apostles urged those who were more carnal than spiritual or spiritual infants not to go back into the legalism/bondage of a dead Religion, nor try to incorporate their worldly Belief's into the Teachings of Christ (they were taught an anti-Christ Spirit is in the world trying to bring about a Religion of the Flesh. Historically the Hebrew People made this same mistake, among others and found them selves brought into Captivity, repeatedly, only by the Grace of God's indwelling Spirit manifesting the truth of our redemption, could the cycle stop).

With the destruction of the Temple, Prophecy was fulfilled is the understanding I have received as I have studied diligently since 1978. No longer can the lineage of the Messiah be proven as the Records were destroyed, (this is the reason for the recording of the begets in Scripture).  No longer is there a Sacred Place for the people to gather for atoning sacrifice or the Celebration of Religious Feasts (Outer Courts). No longer is there a Sacred Place for the Priests to go before Almighty God as a representative of the people, with Prayer (Inner Courts ... "My house is to be a house of prayer, but you have made it a Den of Thieves!"). No longer is there a Sacred Place for the Holy of Holies where the High Priest went behind the Veil once a year, (the Veil which represented the veil of the flesh that separated man from God through a sin consciousness was torn, from the TOP down. It was opened the moment Jesus died during a Great Earth Quake speaking of the Truth man can now come to God directly, having been reconciled, for their sins have been atoned once and for all. There was no longer a need for yearly sacrifices to put their mind at ease.). In the Holy of Holies was the Ark of the Covenant, the Sacred Place God's Spirit Dwelt among men who were of the Flesh and not His Spirit, waiting for redemption as promised to Eve. It too no longer exits, was it destroyed along with the Temple? The Romans hated the Jews so much they even burnt the Gold which was within the Temple, nothing was left. (For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.) Such were shadows of that which was to come, spoken of in the Old Testament prophetically via a Covenant made with the Descendants of Abraham, both Spiritual and Natural, (anyone could receive of the Covenant, but the Jews became inclusive, much like some who call themselves by the Name of God today, and did not welcome them; such a false representation of God had to be brought to its end). This has become my understanding, thus far. If I may continue....

The New Testament brings about the abolishing of vain religious traditions, imposed upon man through hypocritical, power hungry Religious Leaders, (The High Priest was appointed by Rome, in Jesus’ day.). The New Covenant reveals Christ within (manifesting the anointing of God our Father), the Hope of Glory (evidence of the Presence of Omni God within those who are born of the Holy Ghost and His Presence among us seeking to save those who are lost in outer darkness through ignorance and what it is to walk in the Flesh and not after the Spirit). Through embracing the New Covenant one on one, we each become a Temple of God... a dwelling place whereby we commune with God our Father privately, first of all, with a knowing we can Trust Him to teach us, lead us into all truth as His Spirit within transforms us, according to His unfolding plan; which is Just.

Surely, His Spirit abides in us through the Holy Spirit within; establishing His Kingdom on earth as it already is in Heaven, exponentially, beginning within our hearts. Part of the Good News of God is we do not have to die a physical death to enter the Kingdom of God, for it is within and among us, it is a Spiritual Kingdom which the new birth experiences causes us to become a part of enabling us to become Fully Alive in Jesus. Those who are OF it are OF their Heavenly Father. Its fruit is peace, joy and righteousness, in the Holy Ghost.

Through the power of the resurrection of Christ, we can become Of Christ; A dwelling place for the living Word of God our Father to be manifested as our truth experientially. (Jesus said the words I speak are Father's words, the works I do are Fathers works, when you see me you see Him and prayed that we too would become ONE with them as recorded in John 17.) In Him we can live and move and have our Being, according to HIS unfolding plan. The fiery trials and tribulations of life are a spiritual gift to remove that which would separate us from the love of God .... such experiences helps to separate lies from truth. Father's Spirit of Truth leads us into all truth as we choose to seek and embrace it with an open/repentant heart, having been convicted of our need to be teachable as well as other needs only our Father can fill. Through the new birth experience (the awakening of our Spirit) we each receive a new heart, a loving heart, which is willing to let go of that which needs to be purified, as the spirit of our mind is renewed and our soul is restored/transformed.

Seems to be the Spirit that brought in the Information Age is causing more and more of us to seek TRUTH for ourselves; Truth that affects, not only the health of our body, and soul, but our eternal spirit as well. Truth brings us into wholeness, as we are conformed into the Image and Likeness of God's Son. (Those who are OF Christ are neither Male nor Female, neither Pagan nor a Jew, neither a slave nor free, but One in Christ; one who was created to walk in the Spirit, in our now, as we receive spiritual discernment and embrace the power bestowed upon us.)

I am curious, as to how many of us are being moved to do research for ourselves with regard to the History surrounding the Old Covenant and the New Covenant, 70 AD and the destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem, how that affected the Religion of the Hebrew People and those who chose to follow Christ Jesus, that they might worship in the Spirit and in Truth. How many of us are researching the History of the Bible and the establishing of the Church as the Body of Christ. How many of us are asking God directly to reveal to them the truth, rather than going to a man 'first', to hear.  Perhaps in the doing, one of the greatest moves of God's Spirit will take place, bringing about the greatest Spiritual Renaissance since the ascension of Christ.
 This has become my understanding, which is expanding as I grow spiritually, thanks kindly for considering it.

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