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Kim Clement: "A Great and Mighty Day Just Ahead - Mordecai, Where Are You?"

Kim ClementJune 22, 2013 - From The Den:
A great and mighty day is ahead of you.
Mordecai, are you back again?
Mordecai, are you back again?
There's a gallows that we'll use today
To hang the head of Haman.
The accuser of the brethren has opened up his mouth;
It's time, time, time for him to hang.
Mordecai, where are you?
It's time for Haman to hang.

For you that don't know the story, this is about Esther, and Mordecai, and Haman [see the Book of Esther]. Haman prepared a gallows, and I'm going to prophesy in a few minutes about what's about to happen during these next few months, and it's great news for everybody, because heads are going to roll.
I prophesy over you, every family watching, every Warrior – you will have protection; supernatural intervention from the Lord Most High! If you believe it, wherever you are, lift your hands and say, "Yeah!"
It's Time For the Gallows To Hang The Accuser
Mordecai! Beloved of Israel! Esther – and Haman. This same story is about to unfold in this day, in this decade, in this year. You would say, "Why?" It's time for the gallows to hang the accuser.
Gallows"The story," says the Lord, "will unfold before your very eyes. Esther – young woman [and] Mordecai – old man, stood together. Today Israel stands in a very volatile and dangerous place," says the Lord of hosts, "more dangerous than you think, for their natural intelligence only tells them so much.
There has been a Judas, a betrayer, a traitor. And," the Spirit of God says, "as Haman built for the destruction and death of the Jewish people, so there are gallowses built for the destruction of the Jewish people, plus the people washed in the Royal Blood. The princes of the Blood Royal are at risk in this nation. Hear, people of God, today. I speak that justice shall come and young, beautiful women and old, strong men shall stand together and do what Esther and Mordecai did.
Stand together like Esther and Mordecai"She said these words – 'You fast for three days with the men and with the people,' she said to Mordecai. And then she said, 'I, with my handmaidens, will fast for three days. Then I will approach the king, which is illegal and unlawful.' These are the words she said (and these are the words I am hearing now)," says the Lord. "She said, 'If I perish, I perish; if I die, I die. But I die for the purpose of the Kingdom. I brought a dream to the king and suddenly everything changed. Mordecai, robed with royalty, suddenly exalted within an hour, and the perpetrator on the gallows, dead.'
"A head will roll during the summer; I said a head will roll during the summer! There will be a decapitation of a mind that is evil, a mind that is sinister. It will roll, and I will, for a season, exalt My people with My magnificence and My glory. I speak not only of the land of Israel, but I speak of My people. I will clothe you, I will robe you, I will provide for you, I will make it glorious for you for a season, and then I shall destroy the perpetrator," says the Lord of Hosts!
Every person watching me, listen to me. We're going to minister to you now, because every one of you has the right to a creative miracle. I don't know how many times you've begged God for it. Something happened today, in my garden, where God said, "A special season of creative miracles, opening of doors, opening of ways, through this next season." I'm not going to limit it to summer, but I'm going to tell you now, it started today.
Kim Clement
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I say this in good humor gene having been pressed to the point of death time and time again. Sitting here almost wishing I wouldn't wake up tomorrow. I don't read the newspaper much couldn't afford the subscription even if I wanted it now. But almost 99% of the time I enjoy your posts more than this mans if you where the newspaper as I dragged myself out from a nights sleep I would say to you where's my newspaper this is just a news flier ha ha have a good day.