Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Beast wants you to take the CHIP

The chip he wants you to take is one on your shoulder.  He wants to separate you from others by getting you convinced that you are abused and a victim.  That will successfully cause you to become obligated to him for your provision and protection.  God offers that for free, but if the enemy can get that chip big enough you will become so alienated that you will only survive by the anti christ system he has set up.

Growing up in the western rural America we had many such in our town.  People who felt or believed that life had never worked out for them. These people I knew figured out nothing was ever going to work out for them.  There was no use.They were also the ones who (as we said often) felt like the world owed them.  They had been abused, shorted.

They had a chip on their shoulder. My dad was an employer of others.  He would never hire one such because that chip was always an obstacle to accomplishment.  They were just unlucky.  If you are gonna get lucky you gotta believe you ARE lucky.They didn't.

Now we are in a time when having a chip on your shoulder has become the mark of whole groups of people.  People reinforced by government and social propaganda has caused them to think they are owed.

The truth that no one owes you anything is one that once you get that in your head, it is a gift.  People who come from other countries to the USA to get into business are Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, Indian or anything else come knowing that truth.  Nobody owes you nothing.  They come without the demon chip of entitlement.  They come and become the successful, wealthy and respected of their generation.

That chip is the reason the enemy has you convinced you can't make it.  That the game is rigged. That you are discriminated against.

YES, there are bias'.  I know them.  I heard the Spirit of God say to me this morning, "The conviction that nothing is going to work out, that everything is stacked against people and that there is no hope is NOT from ME".  

I could post about 50 Bible bullets to prove this, but I'll spare you.  I know I heard from God on this, Stop taking the mark of the Beast by that CHIP on your Shoulder.

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