Monday, July 8, 2013

Whatever you Sanction you Release in your Life

I have offered this prophetic warning again and again.  It's time to repeat it.  The sowing and reaping of our intentions, actions, words, thoughts and mindsets (strongholds) creates the world we live in.

Show me your circumstances and I can tell you much about those intentions, actions, words, thoughts and strongholds in your life.  Your theological approach to life is revealed in your situation and circumstance.

Those who are tolerant, thereby sanctioning depravity at any level will find the demons that carry increase in that area manifesting themselves in their lives.

This is easy to agreed to in the area of sex, perversion, alcohol, drugs, pornography and other things that are affirmed as evil. Yet there is much more that will bring you to a place you didn't intend to go.  Much more that if allowed in your life will destroy you or at the least put you in chains.

It is the sowing and reaping that is part of our endorsement of things that we don't understand will release the demonic  in our lives.  I warned of this in the last election.  This is NOT about politics, this is about the things we sanction.  Knowing full well the demonic release that would come with the sanctioning of the government now in Washington DC, I warned about what has now led to a full out attack in the areas of homosexuality, gay Marriage, Islamic incursion, Gays in the military, persecution of Christians, attacks on free speech and the vocal insistence of free and open abortion as a right.  We have a slow creep that will lead to bestiality. It's on the way.  Euthanasia is about to become government policy.

THIS IS NOT about politics.  IF you endorse the policies that propagated these actions, you are not a christian. I am not speaking of policy, politics of politicians.  I am operating as a prophet and warning my brothers and sisters to recognize the strongholds being established and strengthened in your lives.  One is right at the door waiting to take you captive.

The vocal support for the conviction of Zimmerman in Florida regardless of the justice and legal outcome is about to release another demon on many. It will increase the level of race division.  One I have fought very hard against for a long time.  The real demon that is waiting in the wings with chains in it's hand is the demon of acceptable injustice.  Distrust of our justice system and it's foibles as this unfolds will increase lawlessness.  It will increase injustice because those demons who see this as an opportunity will enter into our culture in a greater way will be released. Those who rail against the outcome of this trial will find themselves abused by even greater injustice in their own life.  It's the order of things.  The wind will have been sown and a whirlwind is about to be reaped.

Sowing and reaping is a spiritual truth. Plant race distrust you get a demonic attack of racism in spades.  Plant anger that sanctions injustice and you reap injustice in your own life.  I am warning you to back away from importunity in this area.  I don't have a dog in the fight.  If Zimmerman is acquitted, so be it.  If he is convicted, so be it.  That's why we have courts.  Let them do their job.

The violence we see on our streets that breaks everyone's heart in Chicago is a demon that was released long ago by a culture that became infested with getting even with imaginary injustice.  It is one that whispers in people's ears, "It's the other guys fault".  It's the cops.  It's the system. It's joblessness. It's that OTHER gang.  THE OTHER...  It's....  blame something, someone... just pay no attention to  the demon lying to you.

Our system IS broken, but allowing the demons to manifest without understanding the how, why and  root cause is will make victims of us all.

I know that not every person on the west or south side of Chicago is a gang banger.  Yet, the sanctioning of the violence by silence will not solve anything.  The blaming only builds the demonic stronghold higher and greater.  Until good men and women of God take a stand, not for injustice as has been the case in the whole trial in Florida, but intentionally not sanctioning by silence and inaction the demons that have invaded our cities.

What you sanction you release in your life.  We saw it in November last year.  We see it now in the  trial in Florida.  Stop building the strongholds of satan in your life.  Receive this lie and he will wrap another chain around your ankle.

I know this is a hard word, but it is the truth and I stand by it as a prophet.  It won't get me any platform time... I would rather tell you the truth than stand up and lie to you with smooth words.  I'll let others do that.  Do you have the courage to hear the truth and act on it or will you let the demons drag you to a hell on earth?

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Anonymous said...

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