Monday, July 29, 2013

Meeting Jezebel

I decided to visit a fellowship I know something about.  I was in a season where I needed to see what..

I am used to a Jezebel Free Zone at places like Crusaders.  Where control is never imposed.  Apostolic authority is so strong control is not an issue.

There is small church about 15 minutes from my house should be the dominant fellowship in the area. The people are nice enough.  The worship was great.  Spirit of God moved.  The ministry time was good.  The preaching was adequate.  I've heard worse.  There was only one thing that was evident.  As a prophet I knew at once I was in the presence of that old demon spirit Jezebel.  Control.  Dominance.  Self Aggrandizement.  Keeping the spotlight on Him or Her.  Look at me....   Keep the mike rocking... when silence would have been much better served. 

When I heard one of the Pastor's say, "If you want to teach, we will sit with you and help you to teach right things".   I don't know how mature or immature the people are there.  Some of those I met seemed to have been there a while.  The desire on the part of leadership to not allow anything to go on without a heavy hand was beyond me.  Even the sermon was "controlled".   Jezebel manifested in spades.

There were several other things that reeked of Jezebel.   If I described them you may know the church I am talking about... and that's not my point. 

This is not a new fellowship, they have been there for 20 years or more and are stuck... really stuck.  There is not more than 100 people any Sunday.  This in a community that desperately NEEDS a good charismatic pentecostal witness.  The fear of the unknown is killing this church.

I know why people stay away in droves..... the stench when you meet Jezebel is undeniable.  You may not know what or why, you just know THAT it is there and you don't want any more of it.

What a waste of a good worship team and a nice building.  There are so many great men and women of God who could make good use of such a facility and team.  Nope, all serving Jezebel.

Demons... I hates them.

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Anonymous said...

Well if the Lords burden hasn't overtaken you with righteous indignation sorrow greif or anger. Might I suggest perhaps spoken from experience. Sit there pray in the Spirit listen for what needs bound up and let the Lord direct you how to begin to seek to just plain give the enemy a rough day. If memory serves I have seen professing beleivers and ministers stutter as I bind up the enemy in them or seeking an inroad or outlet thru them. It can be very fun and I give no disclaimer for spiritual attack resulting but who cares if your roaring on tongues for some reason I have been known to laugh hysterically at things that would make occultists run in terror oh yeah the Lord assigns angels to His ministers ha ha yes He does.