Saturday, July 13, 2013

When TRUTH is lost, LIFE is lost

Watching the events surrounding the recent trial in Florida I have become aware of an imminent death-curse that lurks.  It's the bondage of the big lie.  Already many people have decided to take truth and distort it to fit the facts.  This is called Confirmation Bias.  Whatever you believe or do not believe to be true, the facts or more important the distortions of the facts are twisted to conform to the bias you already have.

If a fact or truth does not fit thru the paradigm of "Facts" as you see them, they are rendered suspect or worse labeled as lies.

The problem is truth is truth.  If a lie is accepted, it will put you in chains.  More important if we see what JESUS defined as truth, it should give us pause:

"I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me".  John 14:6

IF we read this properly, we can see what is really being said in an inversion, "I am the path on which you must travel, that path is made up of truth, not lies and if you fail to follow that path by accepting a lie, it will lead to your death.  You will NOT find your way to the Father by believing or accepting lies, those lies will lead you into bondage and away from the Father".

People who call themselves Christians, who jump and shout in church, who are very passionate about being a good member, those same people IF they accept rumor as truth, idea as truth, accusation as truth, those people are headed in a direction NOT leading to the Father.

I won't identify the lies being told right now, but as the time rolls on... truth will be the only way to life.  All other ways lead to death and bondage.

What will you choose?


Vincenzo said...

II Timothy 4:3,4 comes to mind. Our culture does not want the truth, and when someone does speak the truth, people get offended.

Anonymous said...

to Vincenzo said...Remember in the last days many shall be offended because of the truth. There are three that come to mind Jesus the way the truth. The Word for that is how He shall judge and the Spirit of Truth.The Word of the Lord the Lord and the Spirit of the Lord. Paul and Peter ran and finished there race not missing the mark.Is it not written He who seeks to save His life shall lose it and He who loses it shall Saveit. The Evidence of faith greater Love hath no man than to lay down His life. These involve hard truths as It is thos who are led of the Spirit that are the sons of God.eccl 3 in the bible children are tossed to and fro by every wind of doctorine .If there is a time and season to everything can one refuse to grow refuse responsibility and as the parable of the two sons states which shall enter in to eternal marriage in the Family of God. These things can be offensive and religion oh so deceptive. as truths become evident remember this.When Jesus was on earth many of His own disciples turned back they probably still went to church.More so today for those with a form of religion denting the Spirit of Power