Wednesday, July 17, 2013

PROPHECY? or Powder Puff Promises

I am around a large number of prophetic folks.  They mean well.  Most are very encouraging.  Inspiring. Motivating.  Hope giving.  I like that when it happens.  Some are great teachers and dividers of the word of God.  I think that is wonderful.

What is missing?

Those who prophesy... things and events.  Future history.  What will happen.  A pulling back of the veil and with accuracy are able to declare with humility, even pain, the days ahead.

That happens too seldom.  It's a rough task if you have been given it to carry out.  When I have to bring such a word to a man or woman, it's a hard thing to do.  I did so yesterday.  I met a grandma. Her grandchild was with her.  Mom (single) was nearby.  She and I engaged in light conversation... for a moment. Then without even knowing what I was saying, I said to her, "Your gift to your daughter is that her fears for her baby are resting in you and you carry her hope.  You will be the bridge to the generation and while it will be hard, it will be an event resulting in great joy eventually in your life".    It turns out her daughter (about 40 and unmarried) has terminal cancer.  Grandma and grandpa will be raising the child. That prophetic word (I was not at all religious, just related it as a part of the conversation).

Here's the facts.  Prophecy when it is real will help a person rest in the truth of God's promises.

Let's have more prophecy and less motivational powder puff promises.  Prophets... step up!


Vincenzo said...

It would be great if the daughter gets healed of cancer.

Tina said...

Thank you for this. Sometimes I say something to someone, and after I have said it, I realize it was prophecy. Usually, it is my own internal recognition (and I am silent about that), but once in a while the person to whom I am speaking will immediately say "I think you have a word for me." I deliberately do not follow up, out of reverence and fear, I suppose. I appreciate hearing that the prophetic comes, as does wisdom in my experience, without conscious thought about the words.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes the demand of God on the office of prophet . Demands hard things of the prophet But, it seems you know that. Don't let man get ya down remember what their going to say many with itching ears and many leaders in the body same as Israel Isaiah 30 8-10 things to come is part of the prophetic.. .At least ya didn't get the reality check john bavere did young in ministrey at an Atlanta meeting . He made the comment many are called few are chosen i'm sure it doesn't mean that. He leaves four Baptist pastors call and say it is very important we talk with you. persistently He walks in not knowing what to expect they break original language concordances and said john that's exactly what that means as a matter of fact few chosen could be stated most are not chosen he read it he didn't want to believe it. He called a friend a collage linguistic professer to check said yep that's a very good definition. He was shocked it changed His entire ministrey. Keep on trucking Brother.

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr Gene. Before I ever read dereck princes book on judging I heard Kenneth hagin have the same two experiences I had, Dereck prince records in his book I later read the third which is a full out manifestation based on this althought the confession Jesus Christ came in the flesh is another lets stick with this. what the prophet spoke contrary to scripture 3Why I give you to understand, and that( no man can say that Jesus is the Lord, but by the Holy Ghost). I just saw Mac Hammond preach he said anyone can call Jesus Lord and say standing in front of the pastor I gave up counseling long ago I learned my lesson I don't counsel anybody. Sir in the gifts and callings of God Kenneth hagin stated firmly that's a pastors job. Mac Hammond went on to say if you listen to the head you'll get everything you need from the pulpit. Brother schambachs book God speaks to pastors wouldn't agree with that as a matter of fact He warns about pastors not fulfilling their responsibilities. about half way through the service I was tearing up because I was in pain. At the beginning of the service he said i'll pray for people later, at the end he said i'm not praying for everybody i'm calling for people to sow a 120 dollar seed and i'd like to pray for them come upfront. I heard very clearlty it wasn't me I do not have a 120 seed does that mean he won't pray. again he said all those sowing a 120 seed get up and come up front. I didn't have a 120 dollars I got up and limped out. Sir my pastor calls him the prophet of the house. He comes a couple of times a year prophecies over a few delivers a message of course takes offerings and sells his things and no one I have talked to that isn't staff is ever able to talk to him unless he is signing his material and even then any conversation is really not proper as his time is so valuable? Sir I don't know if I should buy any of his material I remember he was one of the ones Kenneth hagin called to a conference to address err and imbalance. Yet my uncle told me he read the book about a conversation that took place between dufrnse and hagin right before he died dufrense asked would you warn them again to which Kenneth hagin laughed and said no not one listened. I have been struggling for health eleven years I was told by one of schambachs friends you need to get under a pastor Submit you are called I made an with my pastor o appointment said my health I need to step down from my job and deal with my health I got a loud NO! stay there believe God for a construction job year round same money and healing I overrode my conscience and was crippled in an accident less than two weeks later I guess that's my fault.Anyway I have been told I am going to die slowly painfully nothing doctors can do even if I had insurance or a job I could work, Am I in the wrong church and should I be wary of what this famous prophet said? If the Lord deals with you to reply in some manner I will seek God on it. I need some help here. please. MY faith is faltering and I am just so tired of living in pain causing my family financial and mental stress i'm tired I don't much well any comment would be appreciated just straight truth please that doesn't bother me at all if you feel led of the Lord.