Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Bearing MUCH Fruit

Sometimes natural things reveal spiritual truths. This is that.

Last year we went thru a very dry time in our area.  Plants struggled to survive. Fruit harvests were sparse in some cases. Growth did not take place.

This year there has been more than ample rain.  More than ample sun.  Perfect growing conditions.  Plus the time of pollination didn't have frost interruptions as so often happens.

For these reasons, we have an abundance of fruit.  At the Church who's grounds I help take care of there are Cherries and Currants galore.  I can't eat fast enough to get it all done.  The birds help..but even they can't do much more than stay even.

At my house the Raspberries are overwhelmed.  More than enough.

What is most interesting is the fact that the greatest fruit production is on the oldest vines and branches.  The young fast growing green shoots are pretty and promising but they bear little fruit.

The multiplication of fruit this year MORE than makes up for the shortfall last year.  Even if you averaged it up, we are on total much greater in net yield. 

All the fruit produced in the same time. All at once. It's usually progressive.  Last spring all the trees bloomed at the same time with promise of fruit, but none came.

I know this seems like a report on the local horticulture.  It's not.  I see Jesus in EVERYTHING: 

Don't worry about the dry times in your life, when the restoration comes it will be more than you could imagine.

Don't be impressed by showy displays of glory on others, they may look good, but is there going to be any fruit.

The young green shoots that shine so brightly are wonderful to see, they hold promise, but the well rooted established branches and vines are the ones who bring forth great fruit.

The dry times prepare the hardened off branches for the fruitfulness to come.  It's a time of preparation. 

Never be quick to cut off that which appears to be dead... it may be the next harvest.  Look beneath for life.. if it's there... nurture and watch the glory come.

Sometimes a time of frost will kill off the fruit you were meant to receive.  Don't worry so much, another season will come and another harvest. 

Your time of fruitfulness is not over, in fact it's here now.. and will continue as long as you stay rooted.



Unknown said...

Glory!! Glory!! Glory! Praise God. If we abide in him, keep the faith, keep trusting and and obeying, if we faint not and continue to drink from the living waters, we can do nothing but bear good fruit. Thank you Jesus! Hallelujah!!

I love this blog and thank God for it. Thank you prophet Gene for allowing God to use you so mightily.

Anonymous said...