Sunday, July 7, 2013

An invitation to walk in the Fullness of Sonship by Jeffrey Stewart

The Father says:

"I want My People to know that there is so much more to walking with Me than is commonly taught. You have been taught to expect a certain degree of things from Me, from your walk with Me. You have been taught that you grow to a certain point, then pass away and spend eternity with Me. Your time with Me in eternity started when You accepted My Son Jesus as Savior and Lord. Right now, You are seated with Me in Heaven. This is where you are NOW. (Eph 2:6). That very fact should radically change your life. But most of My Children the same as they did before they were placed next to Me. They pray, yes, but the unsaved also pray. They read My Word, but the unsaved also read My Word. I am calling you to a higher walk that is available to ALL MY CHILDREN. People look at Wigglesworth and think He is special. The ONLY thing He did special was say YES to Me an go through the door into FULL Sonship, the door that ANY of My Children can walk through if they simply do so.

"It is SO BEAUTIFUL beyond that door. Joy made full lives beyond that door. Life and that more abundantly lives beyond that door. Walking in the SAME intimate walk I had with My Son Jesus when He walked the earth, lies beyond that door."

"So come on into the Land I set aside for you before I created the World, where you have always wanted to linger, to walk in, and explore. Take My Hand, and Let me show you just what it means to be a Son of God."

The Keys to walking in Full Sonship

The Father says:

"The First Key

Revelation is reading the Word through My eyes.

When you read My Word through man's eyes, you will continue to walk as men. When you read My Word through My eyes, you begin to walk as Sons of God.

This is possible for you, since we are One Spirit. Ask Me to help you do this and I will.

The Second Key

My Word was never meant to read only silently, but mainly aloud. The word meditate in Joshua 1:8 and Psalms 1:2 means speak, mutter, utter to yourself.

You are supposed to educate both your mind AND your spirit. You educate your mind primarily by what you SEE. You educate your spirit primarily what what you HEAR. You teach your mind what to think by what you SEE. You teach your heart what to believe by what you HEAR. Reading My Word aloud, then, is the best way to renew your mind and grow in faith at the same time.

The Third Key

Wigglesworth is an example of a person who walked in Full Sonship.

Many believed I was able to do so many mighty miracles through Him because He was Baptized in the Spirit. This is not true. Many are baptized in My Spirit yet see no miracles. That is because Wigglesworth walked not only full of My Spirit, but also full of My Word. He would pray in the Spirit daily, and read aloud from My Word daily. That is why I was able to raise so many from the dead, through Him, and restore missing limbs, and so many other mighty miracles.

These are the keys to walking in Full Sonship. This is the revelation that causes the prophecy of the manifestation of My Sons in Romans 8:19 to be fulfilled in this season."

Comments He gave to add:

The sower soweth the Word - when you READ HIS WORD ALOUD, you are being YOUR OWN SOWER. Planting HIS SEEDS in the Garden of YOUR HEART every day, so that you will GROW A GARDEN in your heart that will make you begin looking, walking, and talking like Jesus. And another benefit of doing this is that the seeds that the enemy has planted, such as seeds that block healing, seeds of making you fear rejection by the Lord and others, will be replaced by seeds of FAITH FOR HEALING, and a new sense of TOTAL ACCEPTANCE BY THE LORD and BOLDNESS TO GO FORTH AND DO HIS WILL AS YOU HAVE NEVER KNOWN!

There is so many false teachings about healing and other subjects. That is the real reason why some, even very, very Godly, spirit-filled people, have had issues receiving healing from the Lord. Bad seeds planted in their hearts when they were not looking. By some pastor or teacher they listened to thirty years ago. In the Garden of their hearts, in some forgotten corner, is a weed that the enemy planted, that thing that made them just seem to never be able to step out into faith and receive the wonderful gift of healing from their Loving Father, purchased at such a great price by His Precious Son. Reading the pure Word of God aloud will uproot those foul weeds from the enemy, and replace them by a plant of growing faith to receive the Wonderful things their precious Father wants to give His Precious Children. The bad seed entered by something heard, so it must be uprooted by something also heard.

This revelation a major part of the Awakening. The Awakening has started, the GREATEST MOVE OF GOD to ever occur on the earth. Awakening is actually a misnomer. It is "multiple Awakenings, all at the same time: An Awakening to Who He is, an Awakening to ALL He did for us on the Cross, an Awakening of who WE ARE NOW as His Sons who are seated WITH HIM in the Heavenly Realms, an Awakening to who Jesus is IN US and who WE ARE IN HIM, and an awakening to who we are TO THE enemy. All these Awakenings coming to together will lead to a radical transformation of His Bride, and to the greatest incoming of souls that the Church has ever known. And then His Return

Lord Jesus says:

“I am the Beginning and the End. I, the Word, started the Church, and I, the Word, will complete the Church. That is why I am revealing the message that you should not only be full of My Spirit but also My Word. It is this message about My Word that will transform My Bride into the Glorious Bride.”

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Anonymous said...

I loved it til we hit comments He gave .Healing is a truth job and the prophets of old our our example communion speaks of sickness and death as judgement. Revelation original language I gave jezebel time to repent she didn't I will throw her and her followers into affliction greek text includes sickness trial tribulation. When Jesus asked what sin did this person commit that they are infirm He said none. Building faith is a principle of eating drinking the Word and the fellowship the Spirit of knowledge and Wisdom dwells in us. the same SPIRIT of Faith dwells in us by which we confess Jesus as Lord. multiple reasons for not now healing eccl 3 is not done away with. scriptures for regard to no iniquity no prayer heard ,unforgivness not heard,my grace is sufficient paul didn't want to hear in perils in fastings despairing of death not even acceptable as Christians today due to an imbalance in doctorine and understanding of God.Jesus response to peter (ordered to His death many won't accept that part of the LORD Chastening studied out to the root greek word. disciplining or trying of God if all else look how God responded to Job he didn't correct him for saying you have not treated me right He did get angry at His three friends,ultimatley as a brief summary the Creator told the clay who are you to tell Me.I am in desperate need myself at the moment. I remember falling into travail for my mother at the Spirits prompting and an infection soverignly disappeared from inside my mothers head surgery canceled surgeon confused. I remember tongues and interpretation discerning demonic affliction as docters said it was incurable 3 days of praying in tongues and intercession my family member was healed from the incurable.I remember as my older family member lay in the the hospital spending about six hours in tongues several months before God had told me this is where she will be will you go and pray that day He said remember what I ask you to do an open vision i'm on my way layed hands on her no more water on the brain out of bed in a day from a coma nad head trauma praise GOD! I sit here almost seven years standing in faith confessing the Word. One day as I walked through the house I heard I am touched by the feeling of your infirmity I answered then why am I infirm and broke it was if a hands brushed over me I went speechless without thought silent I heard in distress my love my love you don't understand my love again I replied no I don't understand you can help me you're God as before again that hands pushed every thought away I was silent.I heard my ways my ways higher my ways are higher than your ways.Several months later brief summary layed hand later told job is in the bible by pastor another prophecy another seventy year old pastor I knew where josepeh was in the pit but I also knew where he would be. Healing and miracles are truths in the Word soverignity purpose call obedience and trial by fire are apart of it. We are told to be well balanced when we come to realize the Spirit of creation and the Lord is inside us and yield to Him wether it be praying in the Spirit with or without interpatation or prophecy if God chooses to initiate change for anything that is the now time because He moves thru His Temple will it line up with Word Yes will any mountain stand at the time.not when He chooses to move on or thru that temple no. Signed Scott this is an extremely hard thing for me to understand or bear but if I hang in there I will see all those multitudes of people and churches and lands I saw in dreams and visions 7 or 8 years ago. Pray that I endure be blessed.