Thursday, October 8, 2009

A vision of Angels

This morning my friend Kelly saw five Angels this morning.

Near Detroit, Ann Arbor.

Here's how she described them:

...huge shapes outlined in the sky. I saw them with my own eyes. They were standing on earth and rose twice as high above the horizon of forest. I had been looking at a particularly bright star in the east as I came home from dropping my son off. The shapes were large with an oval type area where the heads would be. I saw this for a couple of seconds. The shapes seemed darker and were transparent and the outer area was lighter like a fog. So it was like you could see the shapes but they were clear.
I wonder about this. Are they part of the Army Elisha saw. Warring angels? Are we getting this vision because there is a need for us to know that he that is for us is more than he who is against us.

I don't know. I do know that right now we are on the edge of two potential catastrophic events that can and will only be held back by prayer. Financial and Terrorist. Either of which will demonstrate how much we need the angelic protection.


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DJ Black Adam said...

Gene: I admire and respect you for being a clear prophetic voice and speaking forwardly. A lot of folks don't understand the prophetic gifting, I believe (and have been told) that it is part of my gifting (the other being that of a teacher), in any case I will keep you in prayer that God keep revealing things to and through you, as I ask that you keep me in prayer as well. In Jesus MIGHTY name.