Friday, October 9, 2009

Is God showing his face in Judgement? Or What?

Recently there were great earthquakes in southeast asia. Muslim areas. Art from New Wineskins wrote on the events there at that time.

I didn't know what to make of it all.

Yet, I was sent this video. It's making the rounds. I know there is editing. I know about photoshop.

But, this was taken right after the earthquakes. In Indonesia. Kind of where the events in the story from Art's blog are taken.

Watch this video of the sky right after the earthquake. It made me gasp.

What do you think?

2 comments: said...

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Anonymous said...

God is Spirit. No-one can see the face of God and live, according to the that's a face, it's of the desert principality (moon god). He's no match for our God Jehovah...

I noticed when I saw those eyes, nothing stirred in my spirit. No reverence, no nothing. That's not my Lord who stirs my spirit with such joy and worship!