Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Single Fountain - the Eternal Wisdom of GOD

Back in the seventies and eighties I traveled and did motivational training for the Dale Carnegie organization. Training in management, Public Speaking, Sales Effectiveness, and How to Win Friends. This went on for fifteen years. I was in several states and have thousands who completed the programs I conducted.

It was a good thing. I'm glad I was able to offer something to them. I received and I offered.

Then after I was filled with the Holy Spirit things changed.

I admire Mr Carnegie. I believe the principles taught then and today are sound. Quality. I believe the books he wrote are effective and worthwhile. The people that took part in the training got what they signed up for. As far as it went.

What became apparent to me over time was that the principles were not effective without the anointing of God on them. We run here and run there looking for a new way to do what we do. It's a good quest. The problem is as we get older we begin to recognize that all our fountains are in HIM.

Even in how to do business. One word from GOD changes everything.

Seek ye FIRST the KINGDOM of GOD and the Fullness of HIS righteousness imputed to you and everything you will ever need will be provided to you, additional, not less.

I know I took liberty with that verse, but the truth is, we must stop looking to the world.

I have a bookshelf full of books that promised me that if I just followed the advice given in them I would be successful, rich, happy, prosperous and full of everything I ever wanted.

The facts have turned out different. There is only ONE book, one word, one source that does that.

HE is the word. He's all you need. He's all there really is in the end.

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