Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cross Post - Teen Suicide is the Devil's attack on the Precious Fruit

John Armstrong posted a "review" of sorts of an HBO special about Teenage Suicide. It's good as far as it goes. But it leaves hanging the question of what to do. His last line about simplistic reveals the issue. It is and yet isn't simplistic. First the conclusion of his post. A suicide note was left behind of the 16 year old boy that killed himself.

In the last few minutes of the film the suicide note that Evan left behind is put on the screen. Evan listed six things to die for and six things to live for. His list is both chilling and revealing.

Six Things to Die For:

1. Fear of failing
2. Lack of trust in friends
3. Working hard for what?
4. Never being able to fit in
5. Knowing all the bad things are true; being lazy, loser, ugly, untalented and stupid
6. What’s the point?

Six Things to Live For:

1. Potential for being something great
2. Love of the people I trust
3. The future
4. Finding trusted friends
5. Sadness brought to family
6. Feeling better later

He concluded his note by writing: “So, six things to live for and six things to die for.” When you consider it these words seem almost clinical.

There is so much on both these lists that is true for many teenagers today. The statistics tell us that teen suicide is the number two killer among young people in America. If you want to get a sense of this tragedy Boy Interrupted provides it in large doses.

Mental disease is quite real. Christians who think otherwise should see this dark and powerful documentary. It refuses to provide simplistic answers.

My problem with that conclusion is that it misses the point. There are simplistic worldly answers that are band aids, but there are genuine answers. First the right question has to be asked. What is at the root of this problem. Why are young.people killing themselves. It's demonic. So, as a Christian, what are we supposed to do in reaction to demons oppressing and destroying others? What did Jesus do? What should we DO?

The simplistic worldly answer is counseling, drugs and perhaps institutionalization. I don't think the parents of Evan missed any of that.

The fact is we can offer what we have if we have it. We can't impart what we don't possess.

Appearing at the same time was an interview with a man who had a vision of the demonic forces behind this epidemic. Since I believe God and believe his prophets I take this seriously.

Here's another blogger's excerpt from THIS video:

Insecurity and Inferiority BOUND

Today I watched Sid Roth's "It's Supernatural" and his guest was Steve Foss. It was one of the most revealing shows I've ever watched.. I recommend you watch it several times. Basically, he says that he found himself caught up in a vision, and saw a highschool... And He was Binding, and Rebuking all of the demons that he saw, their names were on them... Most are common for highschool students... Drugs, Rage, Lust, Depression... But he said that everytime he would fight against them, it was like they were blown back, but then came back full force... They were connected to two large tentacles, that came out of both sides of the Highschool... And he realized that this was where these demons got their strength... He prayed, he says, for about 40 minutes, because these demons didn't have a name... Finally, he says, God showed him their names, which were in their roots, under the ground... The first was Insecurity, and the other was Inferiority... It's an amazing revelation, because I realize from past experience, most of the sins that I have knowingly done, stemmed either from Insecurity, or Inferiority...

That spoke to me because of all the demonic influences on our children and grandchildren, inferiority and insecurity are the worst.

Insecurity because people don't know how secure they are in Jesus. If you kill this body you can't kill my soul. That is ultimate security.

Inferiority. Sometimes I think the "hierarchy" in Christianity lends itself to this. I recall a recent discussion with a man who talked in term of the Pastor needing to be much better. Hierarchy.

And, we feed that. We hold all the letters behind our name or even our titles up as badges requiring respect. I have been guilty of that.

So, in the most "christian" way. Let's get the insecurity out of the way and make people feel fully equal or better. As leaders we have it within our power to facilitate it. Let's save this generation by showing them the greatness they have in Jesus and the absolute security they walk in. That's why I love the Prophetic. It offers that in ways that are supernatural.

I guess that's why Sid Roth said what he does about his program....It's supernatural.

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